light ballast

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an electrical device for starting and regulating fluorescent and discharge lamps


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The damage was contained to the light ballast, which cost $200, Burwell said.
This includes PCB-Containing Fluorescent Light Ballasts (FLBs) in School Buildings: A Guide for School Administrators and Maintenance Personnel, which provides detailed information on potential savings and funding options.
A recent pilot study of three schools in New York City found that many light ballasts in the schools contained PCBs and had also failed, causing the PCBs to leak and contributing to increased levels in the air.
Pole-top transformers and light ballasts have a reprieve until a later date, which has yet to be announced.
Using that system allowed Terex to eliminate not only the generator electronics, but also the light ballasts found oil virtually all light towers.
At a maximum, there are 250 million DEHP light ballasts currently in use in the United States, containing a total of about 15 million pounds of DEHP.
Before that they were used in fluorescent light ballasts, caulking and other products.
PCBs were banned in 1979, and while the district has not tested for their presence, leaders have had light ballasts that could contain them removed and are working with an environmental consultant to address potential problems at the 27 Worcester schools built or renovated while PCBs were in widespread use.
Before that they were used in florescent light ballasts, caulking and other products.
Before that, they were used in fluorescent light ballasts, caulking and other products.
Other energy efficiency projects on the campus include installation of a 73kW solar photovoltaic system to help power the campus, a solar thermal system, water-saving fixtures in the restrooms, energy-saving light ballasts and bulbs, and more efficient air conditioners in the data center.
As part of facilities assessments done in 29 buildings, the district has already removed 24 leaking light ballasts. The 29 buildings were examined because they were built or renovated between 1950 and 1978, when PCBs were used in building materials.