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a rifle or pistol

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By offsetting the line of action of the spring from the pivot of the light arm structure, a countermoment can be generated.
Those handed a 4.5-pound Ultra Light Arms rifle immediately recognized it as an engineering marvel.
HTS then, does not appear to appreciate the deal, which calls for it to give up of its military arms and assets except for light arms.
Atta added the meeting agreed to hold a number of workshops at the CISSA five regions to discuss issues of illicit light arms proliferation, illegal migration, terrorism, money laundering, piracy and the negative and separatist movements.
The statement pointed out that shooting violations by light arms hit the record in areas controlled by terrorist groups like Daesh.
When Norm passed away I inherited the 99, and eventually also handloaded for three bolt-action .358's, a pair of Rugers and a New Ultra Light Arms Model 20.
The Israeli Air Force went into action Sunday against a group of the Khalid bin Walid Army, after a mortar and light arms attack on the Golan border fence.
Half a truckload of light arms and ordnance was found, in addition to a car rigged to smuggle explosives.
He said the Army Chief has assured to provide light arms to the police force to better fight terrorists.
In a later assault carried out with light arms on the U.N.
The group said in a statement that light arms were used in the attack, ( according to Haaretz .
Consequently, the Slovak defence sector remains dominated by a number of small companies focusing on relatively low-tech segments in which they have an established presence - such as light arms and ammunition and armoured vehicles.
Hakim al-Zamili, head of the defense and security committee of the Iraqi Parliament, told media that the investigation committee at Baghdad International Airport seized light arms and many rifles with silencers.
NEW YORK, Oct 30 (KUNA) -- Kuwait has warned that illegal trade in small and light arms poses an extraordinary threat to international security and peace.
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