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wind moving 1-3 knots

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I had had visions of a ship drifting in calms and swinging in light airs, with all her crew dying slowly about her decks.
In collaboration with the Security Media Department of the MoI, the Follow-Up Committee for the Implementation of Light Air Sports System launched a national awareness drive, "You are Responsible", on Sunday to promote awareness about UAVs and acquaint the community with the operational requirements, conditions and permitted fly zones to ensure airspace security and safety for all.
The Light Air Sports committee on Thursday met to discuss the government's strategy for registering air-system products including drones through a new electronic system prior to their import or export.
At first light air units of the Republic and the British bases resumed work with help from the three Israeli planes when they arrived.
The Lebanon deal includes logistical support for the aircraft, which are used in light air support missions, and training for Lebanese pilots and mechanics.
It was also selected by the United States Air Force (USAF) for its Light Air Support (LAS) program.
For example, another regulation, FAR 91.305, states flight testing must be conducted over open water, or sparsely populated areas having light air traffic."
Now In my lungs I have unbearably Light air. I have the lure of the sea In my green irises.
Pipstrel, an ultra light air plane maker based in AjdovšAina Slovenia, has had a successful year, boosting its sales by 20% to some EUR 9m in 2012, company boss Ivo Boscarol told the STA.
Sierra Nevada, based in Sparks, Nevada, won the contract to build 20 light air support planes with Brazil-based Embraer in Jacksonville, Florida.
| WASHINGTON, Feb 28 (KUNA) -- US Deputy Defense Secretary, Ash Carter, called Brazilian Minister of Defense, Celso Amorim, to inform the Brazilian government about the decision made by the US Air Force to award Sierra Nevada/Embraer a 427 million-dollar contract to provide light air support aircraft and associated maintenance and training for the Afghan Air Force, the Pentagon announced on Wednesday night.
The light air craft smashed into the perimeter fence at the airfield - just a stone's throw from a busy road.
Nervous parents-to-be will appreciate the fresh gust of light air and realize parenting, like pirating, is all about attitude.
Ken Bittle, president of Thunder Air Lines, says his company recently completed its three-year light air transportation contract with De Beers, during which time it has expanded its services from three to a seven days a week.
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