light adaptation

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the process of adjusting the eyes to relatively high levels of illumination

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Second, despite the difference in light adaptation, the overall effect of medetomidine on the ERG components in our study was minimal, with only the prolongation of the a-wave implicit time and depression of the b-wave amplitude observed.
After light adaptation, larvae were stimulated with rates of either increase or decrease in light intensity.
The final chapter, for example, ends with a paragraph about light adaptation by Svalbard ptarmigan, which are contrasted to the Emperor penguin.
"This is a new theme" in light adaptation, says Vadim Arshavsky of Harvard Medical School in Boston, an author of one of the reports that appear in the March 28 Neuron.
Laser-induced glare and light adaptation can reduce visual function by temporarily reducing sensitivity to light.
Monochromatic light, either 380 nm or 580 nm, irradiated the eyes for 3 min of initial light adaptation and then throughout the spectral response measurements.
Nevertheless, light does control the ''readiness" of the larvae to ascend through the level of light adaptation. Readiness can be defined as an increase or decrease in responsiveness to light cues that induce vertical migration (Bainbridge, 1961).
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