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offspring of a male lion and a female tiger

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How Liger is a New Game Changer Ligercoin is the hottest entry in the crypto market that seems to have taken relevant learnings from Ripple's affair and is disrupting the Casino industry as we know it.
En este sentido, CPI ha decidido ahondar en una intervencion implantada en territorios preferentes o de mayor necesidad, de manera que el territorio sirva como unidad para el trabajo comunitario y en red, estrategias reconocidas como innovadoras y recomendadas para el avance en la intervencion con este colectivo (Melendro, 2014; Santibanez, Fonseca, Gonzalez de Audikana & Fernandez de Liger, 2013).
If I did, I would not have included the hunt of the liger in the 'Shiva Trilogy' which I know will be very difficult to execute on screen.
REAL LIFE p8 When a male lion mates with a female tiger they produce a hybrid known as a liger, and when a male tiger and a lioness mate they create tigons.
She was born in Worcester to Albanian immigrants, Liger and Victoria (Soter) Vangel, and was a longtime member of St.
When you look at the LG Liger, you would feel that both sport the same structural design.
Another Miami attraction that has things down to a fine art is Jungle Island, home to some of the planet's rarest animals - including the liger, a cross between a lion and tiger which holds the Guinness Book of Records title as the world's largest cat.
In the mood to go wild, I made my next stop Jungle Island, home to a liger (half lion, half tiger), twin orangutans and the cassowary, a blueskinned bird with a "killing claw" that is thought to have descended from velociraptors.
Aeneas scornfully mocks the brothers Liger and Lucagus begging for pity as he slays them:
Marco Mancassola e uno dei cosiddetti "nipotini di Pier Vittorio Tondelli" che piu hanno soddisfatto le attese, riuscendo negli ultimi anni a trovare una voce propria che si e emancipata da quella del nume di Correggio e ha fatto breccia anche all'estero, in particolare in Francia e Regno Unito, dove i suoi lavori piu recenti sono stati tradotti e pubblicati, rispettivamente, da Gallimard (2011, per la traduzione di Vincent Raynaud) e da Salammbo Press (2013, traduzione di Antony Shugaar) con ampio successo di critica (Barnett 2011; Chevilley 2011; Liger 2011; Marcandier 2011; Basford 2013; Nichols 2013; Sherwin 2013) e pubblico.
Photographs of tigers and tiger cubs feature prominently, including images of white tigers; other great cats featured include the liger (a tiger/lion crossbreed), leopard, panther, cheetah, lion, lynx, ocelot and puma.
Summary: The world's first liliger has been born, a hybrid of a lion and a liger.
Thus a mule, a horse crossed with a donkey, is a true hybrid, as is the liger, the offspring borne out of a lion-tiger mating.