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Synonyms for ligature

that which unites or binds

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Synonyms for ligature

(music) a group of notes connected by a slur

character consisting of two or more letters combined into one

a metal band used to attach a reed to the mouthpiece of a clarinet or saxophone

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thread used by surgeons to bind a vessel (as to constrict the flow of blood)

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something used to tie or bind


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the act of tying or binding things together

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"We tried to eliminate as many ligature risks as possible," Peterson said.
An autopsy concluded the child's death was caused by "forcible restraint by ligatures in a face-down position complicated by hyperthermia."
Her bed was pushed against a wall and the open sides were boxed in by the slatted sides of a cot, put together with ligatures and the flex from a lamp, the court was told.
The present day elastomeric ligatures are high molecular weight amorphous polymers that exhibit physical properties such as visco-elasticity creep and stress relaxation, and they are manufactured in two basic forms, i.e, cut or injection molded.
A two-day inquest heard Linsay Bushell, who had emotionally unstable personality disorder, was found unconscious under her bed with a ligature around her neck in Broadoak Unit.
[USPRwire, Fri Sep 11 2015] Orthodontic Supplies Market by Removable & Fixed Braces (Brackets (Self Ligating, Lingual), Archwire (Nickel & Beta Titanium, Stainless Steel), Anchorage Appliances (Buccal Tube, Band, Miniscrew), & Ligature (Elastomeric, Wire)) - Global Forecast to 2020
The jury heard Davidson and wife Geraldine, also a forensics expert, found DNA linked to Sinclair and Hamilton on all five ligatures used on the girls.
All that is necessary is for the patient to leave their body in a position that tension will be maintained on the ligature after the loss of consciousness.
Using the experimental setup described above (Figures 1 and 2), three different ligatures made of different materials were tested: stainless steel, conventional elastomeric, and silicone ligatures.
Figure 1 shows the specimen and the measurements made on the buccal surface in the site with no ligature.
She was cutting, lots of ligatures, sometimes she swallowed batteries."
The Birmingham coroner has warned people about the dangers of putting ligatures around their necks following the death of a 13-year-old boy.
As an OpenType, Garamond Premier Pro does the usual pleasant little tricks in handling ligatures, alternative forms of characters, and old-style figures very smoothly, but it also moves well beyond ordinary expectations in its range and complexity.