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join letters in a ligature when writing

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bind chemically

bind with a bandage or ligature

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A new idea is that the action of restriction enzymes will take place only when the transition molecule ligate to both ends of the circular molecule.
Berger & Byloff [5] conducted a clinical study on 120 patients to evaluate the time required to ligate both conventional and self-ligated brackets (SPEED, Damon1, Time & TwinLock).
Also, it should be routine to ligate the uterine artery above and below the incision whenever that structure is damaged during a CS.
The plastic surgeon and assistant were scrubbed prior to induction and prepared to ligate the tumour immediately should it impair ventilation at any stage.
BstNB I), to detect a specific terminal sequence in a working polynucleotide, to produce a ligatable end thereat, and to ligate and clone the working polynucleotide.
An example of duress would be if an anesthetist had to continue with anesthesia of a patient when an obstetrician, having just performed a Cesarean section, proceeded without warning, to ligate the woman's tubes.
I do not use ligatures on the vas (no more than I would ligate the bowel), nevertheless, his method of using many ligatures of Dexon may create long, firm scars at the cut ends.