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a substance (an atom or molecule or radical or ion) that forms a complex around a central atom

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Ligand (l mmol) solution was prepared in dry toluene (50 mL) and was further treated with triethylamine (l mmol) used as a base.
John Higgins, CEO, Matt Foehr, COO, and Matt Korenberg, CFO will attend for Ligand.
Lemelson Capital Management (LCM), a private investment management firm, has announced that it had increased its short position in Ligand Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: LGND), the company said.
Ab Initio brings to Ligand a patented antigen technology that is synergistic with Ligand's OmniAb[R] therapeutic antibody discovery platform.
"Sadly, investors have been ruined by Ligand's alleged scheme while the SEC has ignored the red flags and botched opportunities for a proper investigation of the company," Lemelson Capital's Chief Investment Officer Fr.
This new technology will provide Ligand's current and potential new partners enhanced capabilities for the discovery of therapeutic antibodies against difficult-to-access cellular targets.
It will reportedly have minimal impact on Ligand's future cost structure.
" [I]n an August 22, 2014 report, Lemelson asserted that Ligand had 'issued 245 million in new debt, against tangible equity of just $21,000, giving rise to a debt to tangible equity ratio of 11,667 to 1 (that is $11,667 dollars [sic] in debt for every $1 in tangible common shareholder equity)' and that 'shareholders have only the protection of $21,000 in tangible equity to shield them from $245 million in debt' (the 'Tangible Equity Statement').
Since the nature of solvent may strongly influence the complexation of transition metal complexes in solution, we decided to study the complexation reaction of a recently synthesized pyrazoloisoindol derivative ligand, 2,3-dimethy[L.sup.-1],2-dihydro-8H-pyrazolo[5,1-a]isoindol-8-one, (Figure 1), with some transition metal ions in acetonitrile solutions.
In this study, we synthesized monomer bearing dieth anolamine (DEA), containing hydroxyl groups as ligand DEAMSt, and its combination with styrene in two different copolymers using free radical polymerization method.
In the present study, we propose a novel protein-ligand binding prediction method, which makes use of the local and global structure of a ligand and amino acid motif sequence of a GPCR.
Many research teams have embraced the phenanthroline (phen) structure into the synthesis of a variety of polypyridyl ligands with different end group positions in the phenyl ring, developed on from the planar ligand; 2-phenyl-imidazo[4,5-f]1,10-phenanthroline (PIP) consists of a basic phenyl ring.
Tools for the identification of ligand--receptor interaction mechanisms were developed by mathematical modeling of the influence of a ligand on the kinetics of a reporter ligand binding with a receptor.
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