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Synonyms for ligament

that which unites or binds

Words related to ligament

a sheet or band of tough fibrous tissue connecting bones or cartilages or supporting muscles or organs

any connection or unifying bond

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Surgery for dysphagia lusoria can be indicated to prevent progression of symptoms into adulthood8; options include division of the ligamentum arteriosum to loosen the vascular ring and re-implantation of the aberrant subclavian artery.
Attachments of the ligamentum nuchae to cervical posterior spinal dura and the lateral part of the occipital bone.
In surgical methods, the aim is to increase canal volume and decrease pressure on nerve through open and endoscopic release of transverse carpal ligamentum [40].
Ruptur des Ligamentum cruciatum anterius im Kniegelenk beim Hund.
Morphologic variations of the umbilical ring, umbilical ligaments and ligamentum teres hepatis.
The epiphyseal blood supply is mediated through the ligamentum teres and posterosuperior branches of the lateral epiphyseal vessels.
6'12) In some birds the ligamentum columello-squamosum originates from the tympanic process, a continuation of the stapes, and crosses the middle ear cavity to insert on the ventral edge of the otic process of the quadrate bone.
sup][11] Irreducible dislocations may be caused by bony or soft tissue interposition, including that of the rectus femoris, piriformis, gluteus maximus, labrum, capsule, iliopsoas, ligamentum teres, or bone fragments from the acetabular wall or femoral head.
Eklem kikirdaginda vertikal fibrilasyon ve subkondral kemik sklerozu, ligamentum flavum ve eklem kapsulunun yapisma yerlerinde osteofitler geliserek olay ilerler (25).
It is bordered anteriorly by the posterior longitudinal ligament, posteriorly by the ligamentum flavum, and laterally by the intervertebral foramina and pedicles.
Following exploration and intraoperative ultrasound, the liver is mobilised by dividing the ligamentum teres, falciform, triangular and coronary ligaments.
Other pathology, such as synovitis and ligamentum teres partial tears, were then addressed.
Central canal stenosis causes narrowing to the cauda equina nerve roots because of facet joint hypertrophy, ligamentum flavum thickening, spondylolisthesis, or intervertebral disc herniation (Stuber, Sajko, & Kristmanson, 2009).
After the abdominal cavity was opened, the ligamentum teres was ligated and divided, and the falciform ligament divided.
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