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Synonyms for liftoff

the act of rising in flight


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the initial ascent of a rocket from its launching pad

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New Moon Liftoff consists of the following components:
The MRO spacecraft is the largest to be launched to Mars since the 1980s, weighing 4,796 lbs (2,180 kg) at liftoff.
The company's flagship Liftoff product was awarded LAN Times/Data Communications' Best of
PC EXPO, JACOB JAVITS CONVENTION CENTER, NEW YORK, June 17 /PRNewswire/ -- New Moon Software, the newest entrant in the red-hot Windows thin client market, will demonstrate its award-winning Liftoff product here running on NetPCs and NT servers from NEC.
With Liftoff, IT managers can begin slashing their desktop costs right now _ without touching their existing hardware or software.
Weighing 2,290 kg (5,038 lb) at liftoff, it was designed and built by Hughes Space and Communications, based in El Segundo, California.
Once over its landing pad the vehicle descended vertically and touched down 136 seconds after liftoff.
Liftoff images of the launch will be available on the Milstar News Center web site following the conclusion of the mission: http://lmms.
The market was pricing a 30% probability of liftoff," explains Jarratt Davis, Head of FX at Smile Global Management.
Weighing in at a liftoff mass estimated at 6,100 kg, Arabsat-6B will provide telecommunications and TV broadcasting services for the Middle East and Africa.
In the amount of time that one travels from Australia to perhaps one of the Fiji Islands; the Orion capsule completed its journey, from liftoff to splash-back; it took a total of four hours and 24 minutes.
Less than two hours after Wednesday's liftoff, a South Korean Aegis destroyer deployed in the Yellow Sea discovered an object, believed to be part of a fuel container from the first stage of the rocket, near the trajectory announced by the North.
We then compare the federal funds rate path implied by the Taylor rule to the liftoff dates implied by participants' interest rate projections.
Roger, liftoff, and the clock has started," Shepard called out, the boom of the liftoff in the background.
27, 2011, SPA -- The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) said Tuesday that preparations for the space shuttle EndeavourEaAoEoCUuEoC[currency]Aos launch were on track and the weather looks good for liftoff later this week.