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Synonyms for liftoff

the act of rising in flight


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the initial ascent of a rocket from its launching pad

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The spacecraft, with a liftoff mass estimated at 6,438 kg.
For the EchoStar XXIII mission, SpaceX will not land the Falcon 9 after liftoff.
GSat-15 will have a liftoff mass of approximately 3,150 kg.
The otherwise high-net-worth-focused RIA quietly launched Liftoff last October.
When Pyongyang's last attempt in April ended in failure after the rocket flamed out shortly after liftoff, it was smashed into about 20 pieces.
Recall that the median Committee participant set a liftoff date of 2014 in both the January and April SEP.
Eight or nine pieces of foam insulation came off the external fuel tank during liftoff, and the shuttle was hit at least two or three times, said Bill Gerstenmaier, Nasa's space operations chief.
The launch team is resetting to preserve the option of attempting a Thursday night liftoff at 8:54 p.
1, 2003, the Columbia shuttle -- which was damaged during liftoff -- broke apart re-entering the atmosphere.
A chunk of insulation foam had broken off the external tank on liftoff and punched a hole in the vehicle's wing.
A cast of characters trying too hard to be zany and quirky advances the story, including Commander Jockey Oldcastle, a crusty old space pirate; Adrian Link, a naive botanist from the Agricultural Plain; and Kitty Liftoff, owner of the junkyard.
The Black Country-based LiftOff programme will receive the cash from regional development agency Advantage West Midlands.
DISTRICT ADMINISTRATION spoke with Vallier before liftoff.
has entered the $6 million Canadian energy drink market with the launch of Liftoff effervescent energy drink natural health product.
LiftOff is available in Ignite-Me Orange and Lemon-Lime Blast flavors.