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a man employed to operate an elevator

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Shooting in a lift?' Then I was quite amazed by the thought of bringing alive lift stories from the point of view of liftman. Since this is a never attempted concept that Zee5 approached me with, I was ready to play the liftman.
Liftman claims, "The premise--that the ancient gods are real and survive in the modern USA, where they compete with the new gods for human worship--is absurd.
Jonathan Liftman, president of Jerry Bruckheimer Television, was impressed when he ran into Tsujihara at a charity event this fall and the CEO ticked off from memory each of the half-dozen projects the WB-based banner has in the early stages of pilot development.
Agents: Kristina Ojdanic, The Corcoran Group (pictured); Robin Liftman and Bernie Rubin, Douglas Elliman.
Kelley and Liftman (2001) stated that creating wild ideas can send a group on a path that may uncover truly innovative ideas, though the focus should remain on the problem statement.
Through our connection with, we are improving environmental and global health, and creating educational and economic opportunities for women and girls,' said Alex Liftman, Global Environmental Group executive.
A 15- YEAR- OLD mentally challenged minor girl was sexually abused by a liftman at G.
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Israel, European Jewry in the Age of Mercantilism, 1550-1750 (London: Liftman Library of Jewish Civilization, 1998); and his more recent tour de force Diasporas within a Diaspora: Jews, Crypto-Jews and the World Maritime Empires (1540-1740) (Leiden: Brill, 2002).
Liftman fails to consider the reasons why Majestic might have been granted a mining concession in a region that had been designated an ecological preserve.
The liftman's salute is no longer crisp and snappy.
111(89 male, 22 female) maximum 40.5% were working as peon, 19.8% as attendant, 17.1% as cook, 15.4% as sweeper, 4.5% as helper/electrician and 2.7% as liftman. The worker is to be considered on schedule to work, when the employer has work for him/her and the worker is aware of it.
(6.) Durack DT, Liftman RJ, Benitez RM, Mackowiak PA.
In an analysis of a national sample of veterans, Liftman et al.