lifting device

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a device for lifting heavy loads

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Never use a lifting device without seeing the maintenance paperwork to prove its been inspected and has a current load test.
Ever since man invented the wheel, he's needed a lifting device to raise the unit to the wheel was attached.
If some piping should be damaged, the repair is easy because it does not require a welder or a lifting device to hoist the piping into place."
The JEDI II dual-purpose ergonomic lifting device manages heavy test fixtures between storage and handles all makes of automatic test equipment for flat and angled interfaces.
Flux Pumps launched several new products at the recent Eurochem: the FMC 250, expanding their FMC liquid meter range; FHG lifting device; the F560S AAA, and the FDM air-operated diaphragm pump.
A maritime archaeology expedition from an Australian university and residents of Pitcairn Island retrieved the weapon by building an intricate air-powered lifting device. They used the machine to extricate the 1,760lb gun from 200 years of marine growth in Pitcairn's Bounty Bay and bring it carefully ashore, said expedition leader Mr Nigel Erskine.
The new Easy Arm 660 intelligent lifting device handles loads up to 660 pounds, making it ideal for applications ranging from placement of automobile engines to loading of large plates for machining.
As the replacement engine was too large and heavy to be ferried by helicopter, a lifting device was needed, that met requirements such as explosion-proof, lightweight and easy to handle to lift the replacement safely from the supply vessel.
At its press conference at NA 2010, Gorbel introduced two new intelligent lifting devices--the G-Jib intelligent jib and the 1,320-pound capacity G-Force lifting device.
A lifting device installed atop a North Sea drilling platform has been equipped with giant pulley wheels made by sandwiching rim segments in a molybdenum disulphide-filled nylon 6 between steel flanges.
This eliminates the costs for operating a backhoe or other lifting device along with the associated manpower.
Seniors Christian Callaghan, Denice Koh, and Nate Kruis designed and built the lifting device during a two-semester course.
The unit has rigid, torsion-resistant construction; a powered sliding table that can be locked into position; a pneumatic lifting device that automatically compensates for bumper shrinkage; and automatic frequency calibration before every weld.
Company has published a six-page Ezy-Stryp Magnet Solution brochure that features a complete line of magnetic products for the concrete products industry: button and bar, utility and lifting device, coil and ferrule base, form liner, hole former, and pipe magnets, plus adapters and stackable magnetic side rails.
Using the main gun as a lifting device during normal operations is an expensive proposition.