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held up in the air


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Starting back a step, Grace lifted her hands mechanically to her ears.
It dropped on the floor as the surgeon lifted Grace in his arms.
So I lifted the Watcher and sprang into the cave, having it in my mind to slay the wolf before he lifted up his head.
I lifted it, Umslopogaas; it was the skull of a child.
Genevieve saw her lover's arms drop to his sides as his body lifted, went backward, and fell limply to the floor.
He seized Joe in his arms, lifted him clear of the floor, and ran with him across the ring to his own corner.
Her father put his hand on her hair, but she caught his wrist and lifted it carefully away, talking to him rapidly.
At this hint, Scragga, looking more evil than ever, advanced a step and lifted his great spear, and at that moment I saw Good's hand creep to his revolver.
She lifted her hand--not beckoning me to approach her, as before, but gently signing to me to remain where I stood.
Then she lifted her right hand, with the thumb pointed upward, and said:
His hands were concealed in the cloud of the horse's lifted mane.
The moments that passed before he lifted his head from his reading seemed like hours.
I caught sight of him toiling at the main-sheet, heaving it in and flat with his tremendous muscles, the stern of the schooner lifted high in the air and his body outlined against a white surge of sea sweeping past.
The Fairy, who was waiting at the door of the house, lifted the poor little Marionette in her arms, took him to a dainty room with mother-of-pearl walls, put him to bed, and sent immediately for the most famous doctors of the neighborhood to come to her.
And Lizaveta Petrovna, with one hand supporting the wobbling head, lifted up on the other arm the strange, limp, red creature, whose head was lost in its swaddling clothes.