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depart from the ground

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The film will now be featured at other Lift Off festivals around the world, including in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Amsterdam and Tokyo.
The earlier delivery of industrial gases for the initial launch included much larger quantities of liquid hydrogen and liquid helium, which is stored in large tanks at Cape Canaveral for use during lift off.
Mike Jefferson, chairman of Lingdale Lift Off, said last year the village had been named the best large village in Redcar and Cleveland in the Northumbria in Bloom competition.
The space shuttle Discovery will lift off Wednesday on its mission to the International Space Station, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration said Friday.
The craftsmen, brought from Japan to lift off the third annual kite festival in Washington, were sponsored by the North Eastern Electricity Board, which wanted them to promote the slogan during their visit.
Nicholas Patrick, 42, from Saltburn, Teesside, is one of seven crew members due to lift off in the shuttle Discovery on Thursday with the job of expanding the International Space Station and rewiring its electrical systems.
The lift off was delayed by several minutes after launch managers became concerned late in the countdown that winds could blow toxic material over nearby Port Canaveral should there be an accidental explosion.
1 -- 2 -- color; 1 -- color AV edition only; 2 -- ran in AV edition only) Above, hot-air balloons lift off from Marie Kerr Park, kicking off the seventh annual Antelope Valley Labor Day Sky Parade on Saturday.
These perspectives, says Howard, should enable STEREO not only to record coronal mass ejections as they lift off the sun and travel toward Earth but also to determine the instabilities that cause these solar temper tantrums in the first place.
Aerospace supplier Arrow-smith Engineering has increased its involvement in the latest round of aerospace projects after receiving help from the Lift Off programme specifically targeted at West Midlands companies.
To lift off the sandy beach in Varna, Bulgaria, the acrobatic teen used his leg muscles to spring upward.
A COVENTRY firm has become the first to receive a cash boost from Lift Off, the pounds 1.