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a bridge that can be raised to block passage or to allow boats or ships to pass beneath it


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Over a weekend it is possible to sail as far as Clamecy and back, taking in the Sardy staircase of 14 locks and a lift bridge at Saint-Didier.
This year a new bridge, the highest vertical lift bridge in the world, was opened and named after the city's writer son.
The sixteen-page section on bridges, with drawings of many types including hinged arch (three), truss (twelve), long-span (three), girder (three), and lift bridge (three), is detailed and comprehensive enough to be used as a primer for making model bridges.
The works will include the reconstruction of the north and south wharfs of the inner basin and repairs to existing bridge structures and construction of a new lift bridge.
At the next bear left and cross the lift bridge over the Stratford Canal.
NPCA believes that a cooperative agreement between federal and state agencies is premature and precludes full consideration of alternatives, such as construction of a two-lane bridge in the same location and mitigating factors such as removal of the existing lift bridge.
In 1909, the firm secured a patent for a span drive lift bridge that led to projects designing approximately two dozen vertical lift bridges, including the ASB Railroad bridge that once connected North Kansas City with Downtown Kansas City prior to completion of the Heart of America Bridge.
When approved by the earlier council in 2009, the new lift bridge was expected to cost $63 million and start operating by Sept.
Clr Bolt said: "This type of lift bridge is rare and a real feature of the canal.
CHICAGO, May 14, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Helping extend the reach for its flagship beer, Lift Bridge Brewing Company has launched Farm Girl Saison in four-packs of 16oz.
WELL done to Peel Holdings for deciding to restore the unusual Regent Road Bascule Lift Bridge instead of demolishing it.
Still seeing terror in my eyes, Michael offered to accompany us to the first lift bridge to show us the routine, and how to open bridges which cross the canals.
However, unlike bascule bridges, the weight of the lift span of a vertical lift bridge changes as the bridge is raised or lowered.
A number of economic pressures, combined with a devastating collision between one of their more prized ships and a Weiland Canal lift bridge last summer, spelled doom for the shipping company.
Duos developed this solution to give its client the ability to monitor a critical lift bridge in real time.