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Synonyms for lifetime



Synonyms for lifetime

the period during which someone or something exists

Synonyms for lifetime

the period during which something is functional (as between birth and death)

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After the closing, Lifetime will have an enhanced portfolio of products with #1 positions in key product areas, a diversified customer base with marquee partnerships and a robust product development team and pipeline.
The clinic can provide Lifetime employees and their family members with preventative care needs such as immunizations, well-baby and well-woman checkups, and chronic disease management.
All tier points accrued since a traveller joined Finnair Plus are counted towards Lifetime tier points.
She presented an analysis of 10-year and lifetime predicted risks for cardiovascular disease in U.
Susanne Daniels, Lifetime Entertainment president, clarified:
In order for the VA to save money, the lump sum buyout would have to be less than the total of a veteran's lifetime monthly compensation
Consequently, when Paul sells to the Company in exchange for a lifetime stream of payments, he will be taxed as each annual payment is received, and the subsequent resale by the Company will not accelerate the $2 million gain.
Jefferson-Pilot JPF Legend 300 Lifetime 4,632 11,339
Going another step beyond its gadget roots, Lifetime Brands acquired Syratech for $37 million in cash and $12.
Regardless of how the Social Security program is modified--by raising the eligibility age, through progressive indexing or with the addition of private accounts--most retirees can count on further reductions to their lifetime benefits.
Trevor Walton, senior VP of movies for Lifetime, can't stop pinching himself.
We report progress on an experiment to measure the neutron lifetime using magnetically trapped neutrons.
Lifetime Television Network, the top-rated women's television network, is moving its technical operations center to 111 Eighth Avenue in the heart of Manhattan's Chelsea/Meatpacking district.
These results are based on 1,000 projections of the sample insured's lifetime using a Monte Carlo method and the same mortality rates used to calculate the life expectancy for deterministic pricing and the present values of premiums and benefits for probabilistic pricing.
Form 709 is used to compute the gift tax on lifetime transfers.