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the period during which something is functional (as between birth and death)

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USA], December 8 ( ANI ): A team of researchers has recently discovered new genes linked to parents' lifespan, which can one day be targeted to help prolong human life.
The researchers were therefore able to work out which have the greatest influence on lifespan.
The approach also enabled the researchers to explore how the DNA changes affected lifespan in a holistic way.
In theory this would lead to an average increase in lifespan.
They stated that the notion that there is a hard limit on human lifespan was false.
One problem actuaries have is a limited supply of modern lifespan increase data.
THE team calculated that 125 was likely to be the absolute limit of human lifespan due to genetic factors.
The funding will be used to plan, establish, and expand lifespan respite care systems that provide new and planned emergency respite services, train and recruit respite workers and volunteers, and assist caregivers with accessing needed services.
Lifespan brands plans for the blog to be interactive, inviting guest bloggers to share their health or exercise journeys, ask health questions and start a conversation about current exercise, nutrition and wellness topics.
Ancient" technologies, such as the printed book or the candle, for example, have measured their lifespans in centuries and, even as late as the early 21st century, have not yet fully progressed into obsolescence, but most modern technologies do not possess this extended "useful lifespan.
Whether these changes have a direct impact on lifespan is what's yet to be explored.
But what's happening to the human lifespan is equally dramatic.
This is why actuaries predict that babies born in the year 2000 will have an average lifespan of one hundred years.
A study out of UC Irvine found that taking Rhodiola increased the lifespan of fruit flies by a whopping 24%.
Rosatom and Armenian experts will implement a joint project on extension of the lifespan of the operating power