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Synonyms for lifelong

Synonyms for lifelong

continuing through life


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Poor Hetty's vision of consequences, at no time more than a narrow fantastic calculation of her own probable pleasures and pains, was now quite shut out by reckless irritation under present suffering, and she was ready for one of those convulsive, motiveless actions by which wretched men and women leap from a temporary sorrow into a lifelong misery.
"There is another misfortune," I said, "to which a woman may be liable, and by which she may suffer lifelong sorrow and shame."
There were two "Reigns of Terror," if we would but remember it and consider it; the one wrought murder in hot passion, the other in heartless cold blood; the one lasted mere months, the other had lasted a thousand years; the one inflicted death upon ten thousand persons, the other upon a hundred millions; but our shudders are all for the "horrors" of the minor Terror, the momentary Ter- ror, so to speak; whereas, what is the horror of swift death by the axe, compared with lifelong death from hunger, cold, insult, cruelty, and heart-break?
A lifelong habit of beginning her day on horseback.
He could picture the sudden decomposure of her firm placid features, to which a lifelong mastery over trifles had given an air of factitious authority.
The Lifelong Learning Institute (ages 50 plus) at Harper College provides mature adults with an opportunity to do just that through an array of courses.
His remarks come following the publication of the interim report of Labour's Lifelong Learning Commission, which says there is support for the idea of a National Education Service offering "free at the point of use" adult education.
These next few hundred words are focused on the potential of just 27 words in the Progressive Agreement signed by Mr Drakeford and Education Secretary Kirsty Williams in 2018: "Explore how we can deliver a new Welsh right to lifelong learning, investing in the skills people need throughout their lives, for individual, societal and economic benefit."
The adoption of a national policy outlining lifelong learning opportunities for all Cambodians has been approved and is set to be implemented in the near future, the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport said on Friday.
A lifelong learning scheme running in the city has scooped a national prize.
JUST 6.7 per cent of Cypriots aged between 25 and 64 took part in lifelong learning in 2018, way below the EU average of 11.1 per cent, a newly published Eurostat report shows.
Ken Koons, a former Carroll County Times photographer, won the 2019 Delta of Maryland Lifelong Learner Award from the Phi Beta Kappa national honor society at McDaniel College.
Education Minister Dr Dipu Moni Friday laid emphasis on lifelong learning for the sake of sustainable development, reports BSS.
Assressing on the occasion, the NCHD chairman said: 'Community Learning Centers work as a potential institutional vehicle for the promotion of adult literacy and lifelong learning.