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Synonyms for lifelessness

Synonyms for lifelessness

a state of no motion or movement

not having life

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Fortunately, several works, including contributions from Felipe Dulzaides, Terence Gower, and N.lauro Restiffe, are able to present this reductive disciplinary and temporal separation--between art and architecture, vitality and lifelessness, present and past--in stark and powerful terms while recognizing that one position can't exist without the other.
The line's four collections target the most common hair care problems, including frizz, hair damage, lifelessness and need for color protection.
He said: "We are living in difficult times and a lot of the contemporary art going out there reflects darkness, lifelessness and despair in our society.
Unlike Robert Pattinson in the Twilight films, he can't blame lifelessness in front of the camera on his character being undead.
But there was no bad luck involved, just bad defending, when Lee Miller headed the second goal on 16 minutes And there was no bad luck in evidence from then on as County went on to canter to victory, They added a third goal through Krystian Pearce just after half-time and while Walsall might have been ring-rusty after three weeks without a match, that does not excuse the lifelessness of their display and the shapelessness of a defence sorely stretched by the Magpies' wingers.
As Eliot introduces the reader to Lydia's secluded home, she opens the scene with the epigraph: "No penitence and no confessional:/No priest ordains it, yet they're forced to sit /Amid deep ashes of their vanished years." Gadsmere embodies these "deep ashes" through the blackness and lifelessness that characterize this home.
His lifelessness is emphasised by Colin Firth's supporting role as Dorian's corrupter, the lifelong hedonist Lord Henry Wotton.
Removing the plants from this version would emphasize the lifelessness of the landscape, but their presence here, as in the original, allows the harsh effects of the climate on the plants to contribute to the idea of misery.
No such luck in downtown: having celebrated the three special buildings of Gehry, Morphosis and Monco a year ago, I can only now report upon the lifelessness of the scene between.
Davis' cool music not only encourages, but also enables us to see all through its sensuous beats, substantial elusiveness, elusive salience, noisy peacefulness, chaotic harmony, gentle roughness, lively lifelessness, sublime solidity, and cool warmth of life in and around the little moon amid the immeasurable depth of the eternity of life.
with garish spectacles of lifelessness, impotency, and inadequacy.
into lifelessness, make the head turn, the legs claw.
Stated simply, there's a missing link between unorganized lifelessness and the rich complexity of the simplest forms of life.
Bonham Carter's been here before and does a reliable enough job as the sexually-charged woman causing chaos around her, but it's not until the final minutes that even she manages to touch a nerve the way she did in The Wings of the Dove, and by then the dreary lifelessness of it all has prove too much with only the glaringly obvious Manx cliffs attempting to pass as the south coast jolting audiences awake.
The absence of color and light, the indefiniteness of shapes and contours as well as the lifelessness of the fallen leaves turn reality into a frightening vacuum, preparing it for the emptiness of the oncoming winter.