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as if dead


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They can consume us like parasites, eat us, drink us, and leave us lifelessly prostrate.
Visitors and hospital workers would walk by the stall to admire the awards, only to see this magnificent horse laid out lifelessly in his stall.
There were my parents, suspended from ropes tied to the ceiling, their eyes staring lifelessly at the wall ...
Mark Rutland (in Streams of Mercy, Vine Books, 1999) recalls an encounter in an elevator with an exhausted-looking man slumped lifelessly against the wall.
Then the event culminates with one hand reaching from behind the curtains to grasp a bread knife, and soon after another hand falling lifelessly through them.
Yet this is a noticeably plain pose: the figure stands in a limp posture with shoulders inactive, arms hanging lifelessly, and a severe expression; the background too is unadorned.
As communicators, we have the tools to harness the energy by generating a match between current and desired emotions so that employees are aligned and engaged with their companies' goals and work lifelessly to achieve them - because they want to.
Showing the effects of jet lag, he then lifelessly read a speech about the Reagan legacy.
African psychology is often interpreted as emotive, intuitive, grounded in the earthy, "sensual feeling of rhythm," whereas the psychology of the Westerner is interpreted as cold, rationalistic, analytic, lifelessly detached and abstracted from the wholesome realities of the body (18).
In addition, it is unfortunate that the best-produced illustration of all appears on the dust jacket, usually expendable to librarians, while the unique photographs inside are lifelessly reproduced on plain paper.
The Environment Agency is investigating after boaters found the creatures floating lifelessly in the water on Saturday, between Sileby lock and Cossington lock.
George, who reportedly worked with the Fire Service Department of the Salala Rubber Corporation or SRC in Electoral District#5, Margibi County, was lifelessly discovered lying adjacent SRC Camp Five on Thursday, January 4, 2018 during morning hours.
It is a very different experience to be talking to a fellow soldier (and close friend) one second, and the next be splattered with his blood and bits of flesh as he slumps down lifelessly next to you in his seat in your Humvee.
Brightly colored female silhouettes, soaring or leaping, svelte and elegant, were everywhere countered by vinyl silhouettes lifelessly suspended on coat hangers, like skins.
The youngster was spotted "bobbing lifelessly" in the deep end at the Olympia Leisure Centre in Dundee on Saturday afternoon.