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as if dead


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The images of 3-year-old Aylan Kurdi, lifelessly lying face down on a seaside, northeast of Turkey arguably informed and forced an indecisive EU to seek expediency in resolving the refugee crisis.
That's especially true on smaller waters or on calm days when decoys would otherwise float lifelessly.
Shakily he started climbing up the rungs toward the Confederate flag, his droopy khakis and old work shirt fluttering lifelessly in a lifeless breeze.
While she was walking on the Big Wind River under the Wyoming Highway 789 Bridge, she noticed an 'average-size male body' lifelessly floating on the river.
It was no surprise he was heavily backed at Pontefract on the back of that, but he ran lifelessly returned to easy ground, trailing in a wellbeaten sixth.
Mum Adele, 41, could do nothing as her daughter lifelessly carried on down the flume to the shallows below.
Hoffmann said that as a father himself, he was "emotionally shocked" by the powerful image of the body of the little boy lying lifelessly on sandbanks near the Turkish holiday resort of Bodrum -- an image that suddenly appears to have made the plight of refugees from Syria and other places quite personal to many people, adding a certain nuance of 'that could be my child' to the ongoing crisis.
To prevent the further decline of a once energetic production that now lifelessly goes through the motions, TV's most dynamic duo must be given a more central role throughout the series.
Stripped of their literary tricks, students graduate seamlessly into a legal profession fed on lifelessly efficient briefs and memoranda.
Immediately after it had passed, Kent lost his grip and fell lifelessly to the farm floor.
After each feeding, the eagle's head flopped lifelessly to the side.
Then I saw a predecessor of this atrocious aircraft with its very large wingspan lying quite lifelessly in all its ruggedness in the military museum in Kiev Ukraine last year.
Their heads, which protrude from above the nooses, loll lifelessly, their curved beaks ajar.
A man stood almost opposite him, against the wall, stiff and straight, his eyes lifelessly staring, it seemed, into his own, while three or four rats gorged themselves on his bare legs.
And yet so little of it is interesting as dramatized, lifelessly, here.