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Synonyms for lifeblood

animating force

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the blood considered as the seat of vitality

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an essential or life-giving force

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The C-130s are the lifeblood that keep the supply lines open across the Middle East, so the New Zealand teams integration with us is vitally important to mission success.
We must fight them and retain our originality and see the world and interpret the world as we experience them for that is the right lifeblood of entertainment is the right to free speech and our founding fathers have given us that.
"He said we needed experience but I told him that kids like James were the club's lifeblood.
Mr Holland said freedom of the press is the lifeblood of democracy.
"The Lifeblood website explains how most people have little or no understanding about the causes and effects of blood clots or how they can be prevented.
Michelle now works with Lifeblood to raise awareness of the danger of developing thrombosis.
Recognizing MSMEs as the "lifeblood of the economy", Cebu City Rep.
Make no mistake, tourism is the lifeblood of the local economy of North Wales.
"Winning the right to go up a level is the lifeblood of any sport," said Burnham.
He said there was no mention of the holiday of stamp duty or empty property rates - two measures that were needed to help bring lifeblood back to the city.
Summary: DUBAI - Talented young people are the lifeblood of any financial centre and the City of London believes that sharing skills and experiences to grow both financial sectors is central to UK's relationship with the UAE.
LIFEBLOOD: HOW TO CHANGE THE WORLD ONE DEAD MOSQUITO AT A TIME charts a race to eradicate malaria, a disease that infects half a billion people a year, and kills millions.
Lifeblood: How to Change the World, One Dead Mosquito at a Time
Energy development capitalizing on the high winds in West Texas has injected sluggish rural communities with new economic lifeblood. The "windfall" has bestowed hundreds of millions of dollars on mostly tiny schools.
It brings together Australians who are concerned about the state of our lifeblood the Murray-Darling and want to see this problem fixed.