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Synonyms for lifeblood

animating force

Words related to lifeblood

the blood considered as the seat of vitality

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an essential or life-giving force

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Lastly on commercial, where there are a lot of shops and offices empty, no mention of empty property rates, which are necessary, absolutely vital to bring some lifeblood back to the city of Coventry.
Consultant haematologist Prof Beverley Hunt, medical director of Lifeblood, said the human cost of this preventable condition was devastating.
Dr Simon Noble, director of Lifeblood in Wales, said: "The statistics are staggering.
We've got good young players and they are the lifeblood of the club.
Dr Simon Noble of Lifeblood said: "We want every hospital to use the checklist and every patient to ask questions about their risk.
Lifeblood looks forward to working in partnership with the Welsh Assembly Government in tackling what is nothing short of a public health crisis that could be easily prevented.
Predictable and reliable energy service will continue to be the lifeblood of a productive business, and EMCOR is uniquely positioned to understand and implement proactive, competitive life cycle solutions to meet our customers' needs.
The sad fact is that just as oil is the lifeblood of Western economies, oil revenue is often the lifeblood of tyranny: Oil-rich regimes that finance terrorism and preach intolerance are sustained by what we spend on gasoline and heating oil.
Travel was the lifeblood of the business world from the latter half of the 20th century.
Please take a moment to visit the Lifeblood website - thrombosis-charity.
Lifeblood Biological Services tested VeinViewer on a sample of 30 adults who have known difficult-to-find and difficult-to-access veins for blood collection.
Their support is the lifeblood of a small-circulation arts publication such as ours.
Your participation--whether it's subscribing, contributing, or just sending us a "thanks for waging the good fight" e-mail every once in a while--is the lifeblood of all we do.
Great stories, told simply in brisk journalistic style, are the lifeblood of every great newspaper.
Created in three sections, the work is a time machine that connects artists across generations, a vivid exhibition of the ways that the arts--particularly popular arts--carry the lifeblood of cultural memory.