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performing an essential function in the living body


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Typical cases involved dying patients, or patients in a persistent vegetative state, whose surrogate decision-makers demanded continuation of life-sustaining therapies that the health care team believed were no longer beneficial or appropriate for the patient.
"If you have any strong views about life-sustaining treatment you may also prepare an Advance Decision (sometimes called an 'advance directive' or 'living Will') setting out your wishes."
authorized to make whatever medical treatment decisions I could make if I were able," but can make decisions regarding life-sustaining treatment and tube feeding only as the person has indicated in the document.
"If there is a protected liberty interest in self-determination that includes a right to refuse life-sustaining treatment, even though this will hasten death, then the same liberty interest must include the complementary right of access to potentially life-sustaining medications, in light of the explicit protection accorded 'life,'" Rogers wrote.
* If life-sustaining support causes more harm than benefit for the patient, then healthcare professionals may be justified in suggesting the withholding or withdrawal of treatment.
Mr Justice Holman refused to grant a hospital trust a declaration that it would be lawful to withdraw life-sustaining ventilation from the 18-month-old, who can only be referred to as MB for legal reasons.
High potency nutrients will not be available either with or without a physician's prescription, since these life-sustaining molecules will be forbidden under any circumstances.
It was a decisive victory for autonomy and privacy, and demonstrated that an individual's desire to be free from unwanted life-sustaining measures can be honored, even after she is silenced by severe cognitive impairment.
It is not just a question of reforming architecture, but of renewing science itself through insights discovered through a 'life-sustaining' architecture.
Retirement planning is perhaps the single most important life-sustaining exercise in which you can engage.
Another lesson learned from the Terri Schiavo case centers on the issue of what constitutes life-sustaining care.
It suggests that a rising population has polluted or overexploited two-thirds of life-sustaining ecological systems in the past 50 years.
This God can and does bring people together in a "fellowship of the Holy Spirit." The claim of Israel (and our claim) is that God is the One responsible for creation, for its beauty, order, and life-sustaining goodness.
PEOPLE who fear they will be mentally incapacitated by illnesses such as Alzheimer's will be able to appoint someone to ask doctors to stop life-sustaining treatment under plans being published today.
Nearly 84,000 Medicare beneficiaries must take life-sustaining medications to prevent transplanted organ rejection.