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Synonyms for life-sized

being of the same size as an original

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These homes, as nice and big as they are in daylight, were completely decked out with landscape lighting, giant inflatables and life-sized Santas and Rudolph.
There are plenty of people who'd like a life-sized statue of David Beckham but this one is worth about PS20,000 so someone will have to be a very big fan.
Neither the police or Metro staff asked him about the life-sized cutout of the monarch, which was taken away by police after the incident.
Zoe Troughton carries one of the Life-sized Playmobil figures outside Cardiff Castle yesterday
The show is famous for life-sized puppet horses, representing the animals who suffered with the troops.
His other artwork include a 2006 life-sized nude of singer Britney Spears giving birth to son Sean Preston and a statue of Angelina Jolie breast-feeding.
FIRE crews descended upon a Coventry city centre shop after a life-sized figure of horror character Jason Voorhees - from the Friday 13th films - caught fire.
Grainy police video images of the man's cramped flat showed what look like several life-sized female dolls without faces, some with platinum blonde wigs.
The project features six life-sized figures positioned at intervals over three miles, between the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art and the sea.
The singer once filled the jam-packed rooms with bizarre artifacts, life-sized mannequins and toy figures of comic superhero characters and the 2800-acre estate housed a zoo and theme park.
The whimsical mural will feature a life-sized Glockenspiel, each detail mirroring clocks found in major European cities, including astrological signs and Roman numerals on the clock face as well as open-faced gears.
The Detroit Free Press reported that two 17-year-olds and a 19-year-old were charged with nine felony counts after breaking three life-sized statues of Jesus and Mary, smashing stained-glass windows, toppling the crucifix, spraying fire extinguishers over the organ, stealing musical instruments, and urinating in the baptismal font.
I created the life-sized statue of T3 on top of a mannequin.
For ages 4 and up, the camp provides a feast of activities such as making musical instruments, drawing a life-sized portrait, or taking a cool dip in one of 42 swimming pools.