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Synonyms for life-size

being of the same size as an original

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The life-size statue of Shiv Sena founder finally went on public display around six years after it was kept ready.
Auto Business News-November 30, 2017--Renault collaborates with Lego to produce life-size scale model of RS17 F1 racer
POLICE have appealed for any witnesses to "monkey business" to come forward after a life-size GORILLA statue was stolen in Staffordshire.
ARCO, a leading UK safety company, reports it recently brought ThermoMan, a life-size thermal burn injury evaluation system, on its first visit to the UK.
ISLAMABAD -- An American researcher and his team have created life-size 3D hand models, complete with fingerprints, using a high-resolution 3D printer that can produce the same ridges and valleys as a real finger.
MY biggest laugh of the week, if a little Sid James, came from a New York Parks spokesman who was asked to make a statement following the unauthorised placement of five life-size naked Donald Trump statues appearing in popular locations across The States, including Central Park.
A CONSTRUCTION worker has built a life-size table football pitch in his back garden to celebrate Euro 2016.
It offers prospective new car buyers a unique experience through realistic 3D screens and life-size theater car At Hyundai Wallan Digital, visitors can enjoy a broad range of experiences through digital media, including life-size photorealistic 3D screens and floor-to-ceiling video walls that enable visitors to experience cars at a 1:1 scale.
THE man behind the famous 'ball in the wall' at Cardiff Castle has gone on to his next creation - a life-size Jurassic World dinosaur leaping out of the banks of the River Thames.
Deer bronze statues "These are life-size and they're absolutely beautiful.
Vicki Smith, from Flint, is one of 16 people in the group 'Cakebomb' who have created the life-size, walk-through delicacy - entitled Welcome to the Jungle - for the prestigious Cake and Bake Show 2014 next week.
Mumbai: Life-size sculptures of the 80 marchers who participated in the famous Dandi March along with Mahatma Gandhi will be created within the campus of the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IIT Bombay) for a grand memorial to be built in Gujarat.
Joey, the life-size equine puppet from War Horse, which will be at the Sunderland Empire, poses at the Angel of >the North.
Creepy/Delicious Life-Size Dexter Cake To celebrate the last season of Dexter, Fox commissioned Miss Cakehead and Annabel of Conjurer's Kitchen to make a life-size Dexter cake.
Shoppers at the Metquarter got a huge welcome from a scaly friend when the life-size creature paid a visit.