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Synonyms for lifeguard

an attendant employed at a beach or pool to protect swimmers from accidents

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The NSPCC and O2's Share Aware campaign is a bit of a life-saver because it helps parents get to grips with all that Snapchatting, Whatsapping, and video-chatting and it makes chatting about their life online easy.
According to Dr Valentin Sisoev, Chief Scientific Officer at the Babakin Centre, the Life-Saver should cost around US$100-200 once it goes into regular production.
Then, ``Project Greenlight'' becomes a sort of electronic press kit, the sort of behind-the-scenes puffery in which everyone explains how working with everyone else was such a joy - Aidan Quinn is quite the professional, Bonnie Hunt is a life-saver, Kevin Pollak leavens the mood.
Yasmine, who played life-saver Caroline in the TV show, had been visiting friends in Michigan.
For an average class size of 25, include one envelope containing a green Life Saver (representing a disease, ie, the flu), one containing an orange life-saver (representing another disease, ie, chicken pox), five containing a white Life Saver (representing protection, ie, hand washing), and 18 containing a red Life Saver (representing a student being free from disease when entering the classroom).
Nurse Christine Agutter's bra proved a real life-saver when she boobed while dismounting after a holiday pony trek.
military and a life-saver for patients, as well as a roadside drug detector.
For patients with end-stage congestive heart failure in imminent risk of death, this device has proven to be a life-saver, allowing them to be "bridged" and supported until a human heart transplant may be performed.
GREEN tea extract could be a life-saver for people with an aggressive form of leukaemia, say scientists.
A REAL "HEARTBEAT" STORY: A passing policeman proved to be a life-saver for John Coyle of Kesteven Road, Easterside, who suffered a heart attack while walking home in November 1976.
Equally, our winning life-saver could be an ordinary member of the public who has shown outstanding courage or initiative when confronted with a life-threatening emergency.
Doctors say the chip, inserted just under the skin with a syringe, could prove a life-saver by providing vital medical information if a patient is unconscious.
Ambulance staff and paramedics in the area have applauded the new Data Link project as a possible life-saver.
PENSACOLA: Santa turned life-saver when a four-month-old baby boy stopped breathing during a visit to a Florida shopping mall.
With a growing need for the replacement of previously surgically implanted tissue heart valves, the availability of ReValving's non-surgical approach for these patients could be a life-saver.