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Synonyms for life-giving

Synonyms for life-giving

giving or having the power to give life and spirit


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by Patsy, Huyton Creator of Life LIFE-GIVING warmth from 92 million miles away, Providing us with light, turning night into day.
The Eucharist is life-giving because it is Jesus who gives it, and it is life-giving because it is Jesus Himself who is given.
To counter such dangerous whispers, David urged the public to emulate the ways of Jesus and Mary who spread 'life-giving whispers.'
Science might have evolved leaps and bounds from test tube babies to IVF to fixing the DNA for getting rid of the birth defects, however, we have not yet invented an AI or robot to mimic the life-giving conditions of the womb.
This updated edition is as fresh as it is urgently needed -- a life-giving, essential resource.
Harvest Christian Center is a life-giving church led by Senior Pastor, Bishop Kevin Foreman, and was founded in May of 2006.
Among homosexuals, there are those who believe that God's design of marriage for mankind is indeed a union between one man and one woman whose love is permanent, faithful and life-giving.
"For more than 50 years, Medela's focus has been to enhance mother and baby health through the life-giving benefits of breastmilk.
This awareness invites the leaders of such a community to humble, listening, and discerning service so that the whole church community can be empowered by the Spirit to make the mission of Jesus meaningful and life-giving in very different contexts.
In a season where flooding is certainly a possibility, threat, and too often a reality, what does it look like to have life-giving water flowing right down the middle of the street?
The life-giving trees and shrubbery of Sana'a University serve as a parallel set of amazing "lungs." Each tree provides not only beauty, but also critical oxygen for every fellow man and woman.
Tradition attributes healing and life-giving properties to the coconut, which is why the palm is often called "the Tree of Life."
MILLIONS of people could die as life-giving rains in East Africa failed for the sixth time, Oxfam have said.
Fr Sean McKenna told his congregation at Holy Family Church, Derry, on Sunday he was leaving for "a loving, beautiful and life-giving relationship" with nurse Elaine Curran.
When it emerges, it becomes a life-giving friend of the garden--a beautiful Sphinx moth.