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life preserver consisting of a sleeveless jacket of buoyant or inflatable design

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She said the lack or the non-wearing of life vest and the slow rescue as recounted to her by the residents who saw the accidents could have led to the many deaths.
A life vest that is too large will ride up around a child's face and fail to keep his head above water.
When they took us to put on the life vest, that part was very scary because we didn't know how we were getting across to the pier."
In the video, dubbed 'Runway to Runway,' viewers are shown how to wear the life vest, fasten the seatbelt, put the oxygen mask on, or brace for impact, but the setting is about far more than just a normal flight.
The woman in the life vest looks through binoculars;
Lewoczko was not wearing a life vest, Carver said, and asked those using waterways to remember to wear life vests, which are effective in preventing drowning after a boating mishap.
Type III Paddle Fishing Life Vest: These have been designed to allow freedom of movement when paddling and fishing.
None of the passengers were wearing a life vest. Complicating the search, there wasn't even a passenger list," the Associated Press reported.
Only the red life vest was missing and that's because they always have to remain at the life boat station in case of an emergency launch when all the crew members must have all their life saving equipment with them.
The vest is lightweight, flexible, and very form fitting, more like a wetsuit than a life vest. It features a covered zipper closure along the dog's back and a quick-release buckle at the chest, with a neoprene band reinforced with nylon straps under the dog's belly.
To keep herself afloat, she plied her most trusted materials--paper, hot glue, and acrylic paint--and fashioned a Goyard life vest. And thus began the work for her current solo offering at Gallery 16 in San Francisco, "A Light That Never Goes Out."
Underneath, the little girl was still wearing her pink winter coat and the life vest with the cartoon characters that had failed to save her.
At a short hearing in Ruthin coroner John Gittins said that he was wearing a life vest when found.
Life Vest Inside's Dance for Kindness flash mob takes to the streets.
Boaters should also wear an appropriate life vest in areas with high boat traffic, in severe weather or water conditions, and when boating offshore.