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life preserver consisting of a sleeveless jacket of buoyant or inflatable design

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After being stranded close to an hour on the ferry, the authorities told the passengers to put on their life vests.
West Marine's website doesn't mention how to properly care for the life vest, but, since it's made of neoprene, we'd expect care considerations to be similar to that of a wetsuit: to keep the neoprene from fading or drying out, rinse well after use in saltwater or chlorine, and avoid exposing to heat or direct sunlight for extended periods of time.
This was because Life Vest Inside, a non-profit dedicated to spreading kindness, is kicking off its third annual International Dance for Kindness in honour of World Kindness Day.
Stern 's inherently buoyant life vest MK-1 commercial inflators are required to be replaced with the new CONAX inflator based on NAVSEASYSCON Message 250939Z FEB 08.
If you are prepared, getting out of the plane and inflating the raft should not be a problem unless you are one of those who likes to keep it stowed way in the back cabin and doesn't wear a life vest.
He lived, due largely to wearing a life vest, unlike 395 of the 484 boat-related drowning victims in 2010.
CHRIS Williamson, swapped his suit and tie for a high-vis jacket and life vest as he took to the water with the Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service.
The man's brother was saved by the border guards who threw him a life vest just before a large wave hit them.
Currently, he wears an external life vest that has a battery-operated defibrillator to restart the heart should it stop for any reason.
Then, you must agree to put yourself shoulder-to-shoulder in an eight-person raft, without seatbelts but with a tightened life vest, and make the jousting journey on some of the 60 miles or so of waterways that divert every which way around Lake Isabella and its reservoir.
As such, it is suitable for vacuum and pressure forming of aircraft interior components such as armrests, bulkhead laminates, tray tables, galley parts, instrument panels, life vest shrouds, and lighting housings.
She finds herself in the deep, shark-infested ocean waters amid hundreds of panicking people, without a life vest.
The jet ski was found, but there was no sign of Alix even though she had been wearing a life vest.