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a manner of living that reflects the person's values and attitudes

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According to World Health Organization (WHO), developing a healthy life style in workplace is possible with creating secure and healthy work environment; increasing the skills of self-confidence, inner power, job satisfaction and protecting the health; and decreasing the stress.
As the official retail partner to Leinster, Munster and Connacht, Life Style Sports is offering season ticket holders 10% discount off ALL purchases (not just rugby related) as a Christmas treat!
A questionnaire and data sheet was filled for each patient who was diagnosed as having TSL during the interview which contains a sequence of questions re- garding name, age, gender, gastrointestinal problems (reflux, vomiting etc) dietary factors (carbonated drinks, fruit juices, citrus fruits, etc.), smoking and oral hygiene methods occupation and life style followed by a clinical examination.
According to new sociologists such as Anthony Giddens, since compared to men, women participated in less productive jobs in under development countries and they are mostly involved in home works of family without any wage, there is a possibility that they show their social and identity distinctions based on life style and consumption way.
And to mark the launch of Holiday Shop 2014, Life Style Sports will be offering four lucky fashion fans the chance to win their "Perfect Summer Suitcase" packed with of cool apparel and footwear worth up to [euro]400.
In 2012, Supreme Leader Ali Khamenehi also urged the public to avoid the western life style, warning that western culture annihilates the culture and identity of other nations that fail to put up defenses.
"The West seeks to produce Americanized non-American, which means Americanizing the belief, culture, life style, behavior model and even the clothes and food style of those people who aren't the US nationals," Salami said, addressing a ceremony in Tehran on Monday.
So for me it's a choice, it's a life style choice and I would recommend it to everyone," Singh added.
Furthermore he added that the personality and life style of Gaju Khan Baba is a model for the new generation.
Conduct four healthy life style workshops for a total of 100 PLHIV in each of the 17 states, print and dessiminate 1000
Modifiable risk factors obesity, smoking, hypertension etc requires major life style changes.2 These are simple to understand but difficult to acquire.
Why they are one of the most successful public health measures of all time 10-11 Wales' obesity epidemic Handy hints to tip the scales for a healthier, happier family 14-15 Mental health problems Issues that face children and teenagers and what we can do to improve them 16-17 The need for screen control How too much computer game time affects our children 18-19 A healthy example starts at home Parents' bad habits can be picked up along with the good ones 26-27 Giving the best start in life How a healthy life style can start in the womb
Diseases related to life style like diabetes, blood pressure, heart attack, stroke ,cancer ,obesity, bronchitis, stress, depression etc.
Consumer life style is defined as a consumer's pattern of living, which influences and is reflected by consumption behavior.
Apogee Life Style LLC has recently leased approximately 11,000 s/f in the former Bank of New York building at 138-140 Mamaroneck Avenue in White Plains, NY.