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an account of the series of events making up a person's life

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But he's a fierce tiger, a fierce lion in the cage but outside of it you'd never know he's a fighter because he's so kind and humble and his life story is so inspirational.
Dame Barbara, 79, told Radio Times magazine she had been approached a couple of times about her life story being done but that "it had always worried me".
Life Story is also the first major series to be shot in ultra high definition, so we're sure to get some amazing wildlife pictures.
BBC1, LIFE STORY is also the first major series to be shot in ultra high definition, so we're sure to get some amazing pictures.
Attenborough sums up Life Story by describing the hazardous journey all creatures must make.
Over the course of many years he disguised his authorship of Segilola's life story, presenting himself as her copy-editor and publisher.
Life story work with children who are fostered or adopted; creative ideas and activities.
An Oregon Life story Friday about Eugene comedian Andy Andrist quoted court testimony from Florida that Andrist and fellow comedian Doug Stanhope have "made a habit of making outrageous videos to shock and offend people.
Hidden Treasure: Uncovering the Truth in Your Life Story comes from a spiritual teacher and author who has reached thousands through her workshops and talks and who uses stories to help readers visualize their own life stories.
Summary: SuBo's rags to riches life story is being turned into a stage musical.
Prominent Egyptian actress Sharihan firmly denied rumors about her intention to sell her life story for one million US dollar to be turned into a television drama.
Life story work is a commonly used intervention with looked after young people and there are many excellent guides to its use in practice.
Brooks, HIgh Wycombe BEN Dunne wants to write a book about his life story when he retires.
Currently I am looking to speak with Palestinians who grew up in Palestine and anyone who has grown up in war be it Afghanistan, Lebanon, Bosnia, whereverAdditionally if you have an interesting life story to tell I look forward to hearing from you.
He's paroled, and now reveals his life story and all the turbulence and triumph that spilled from it.