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an account of the series of events making up a person's life

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Ricky said: "I'm talking to people involved in the movie business about doing my life story.
The app, available for free, allows registered Vimily users to easily collaborate with family members to create the perfect interview to capture a loved one's life story.
Hence the life story is at once structurally and interpretively open; it is subject to expansion and contraction by the addition of new stories and the loss of old ones, and furthermore the reinterpretation of old stories continually produces new evaluations of self (31).
Through words, pictures, documents, and other memorabilia, a Life Story Book tells the story of an adopted child's life and builds a sense of identity.
If his life story has been told I'm sure people would have taken him to their heart and would have looked on him as, not a jewel thief, but a martyr.
The film about Asala's life story will be directed and produced by her husband the director Tareq Al Aryan.
There is a need for a more critical examination of life story work and recognition that far from being a neutral, benign activity, it is an example of the use of social work power.
London, July 12 (ANI): Tennis ace Andy Murray's life story is all set to be turned into a Hollywood movie.
In this fictionalized version of her life, Lawrence is discovered still alive in a nursing home in Buffalo, She's 106 years old and full of stories about her days as a child star and movie actress, But she'd rather not talk about the body buried in her grave or why she may have faked her own suicide more than half a century before, Both filmmaker Ben Sheehan and his twin brother, Richard, a gay freelance writer, hope to be the first to untangle Lawrence's life story, and their rivalry provides a cool counterpoint to her mesmerizing memories,
Now Susan Boyle's life story comes to the Liverpool stage in I Dreamed a Dream, opening at the Empire tomorrow night and starring both Scottish actress LIFE STORY: Elaine C Smith and Susan Boyle Elaine C Smith (of Rab C Nesbitt and Calendar Girls) and SuBo herself.
Through the storied approach, Raynelle was able to review her life story from her past, through the present, and into the future in her preferred direction.
Both professionally and personally, Fischer knows the new Pope very well, and is able to place life story of the new Pope within the intricacies of Vatican City and the Catholic Church with an insider's insights.
His life story was captured in the film "Hotel Rwanda", and this movie companion, Hotel Rwanda: Bringing The True Story Of An African Hero To Film, documents the film's story, providing first-person pieces by Terry George and co-writer Keir Pearson from their struggle to gain financing and produce the film.
Reading this life story is just like living it with TR again.
THE STORY: The amazing and unbelievable life story of Edward Bloom (played by Finney as an old man and by McGregor as the younger version), a self-described "big fish in a small pond".