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a prison term lasting as long as the prisoner lives


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A three-judge bench, headed by Chief Justice Asif Saeed Khosa, took notice of the issue while hearing a petition to reduce a convict's life sentence into half.
The chief justice observed that the current interpretation of life imprisonment law was flawed and while referring to judicial practice in India, he remarked that life sentences awarded there specify the period of imprisonment.
The CJP was hearing a state case when he made remarks that there is a misconception that the duration of a life sentence is 25 years.Justice Khosa said that there are several misconceptions and they need to rectified.The CJP ordered the registrar office to maintain the case for hearing in the first week of October.
He was given a further life sentence, with a minimum of 32 years in prison.
A court spokesman confirmed Campbell has been granted leave to appeal the life sentence handed down by Lord Matthews at the High Court in Glasgow in March.
A two-judge bench headed by Justice Aalia Neelum heard Abbasi's bail petition against his life sentence. On June 22, 2018, a special anti-narcotics court had sentenced Abbasi to life in the ephedrine quota case.
A petition demanding a life sentence for those who cause death by dangerous driving has hit 100,000 on the anniversary of tragic Violet-Grace's death.
ISLAMABAD -- The Supreme Court on Thursday acquitted a life sentence convict Naveed, sentenced for alleged murder of his wife.
HOLBY City actor John Michie has spoken of his family's "life sentence" as the rapper boyfriend of his daughter was convicted of her manslaughter.
Summary: Kathmandu [Nepal], Feb 26 (ANI): Nepal's Supreme Court has directed its government to decide on the jail waiver for notorious 'Bikini killer' Charles Sobhraj, who is currently serving a life sentence in the Himalayan nation since 2003 on account of murder.
But a record number of inmates serving life sentence were enrolled for the examinations with many exuding confidence of excelling.
He was out less than 20 years after his first life sentence. With his second life term, he has to serve a minimum of 12 years.
Life Sentence, a hard-core punk band that emerged from the Northwest suburbs in the mid-1980s, dealt with all the usual problems facing underground bands of that era -- a grueling touring schedule, small (and occasionally hostile) crowds and income that barely kept their car running.
"It is neither just nor merciful, much less compliant with the Eighth Amendment, that, currently in Maryland, a young teenager who commits a crime that leads to a life sentence is likely to spend the rest of his or her life in prison," Barbera added.
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