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a life preserver in the form of a ring of buoyant material

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RE THE River Dee life rings being vandalised (EE, August 5, p4/5).
Surbiton Station Manager Justin Coo said: "Setting fire to life rings is incredibly reckless and utterly reprehensible.
For years, the best system for getting a fallen person back in the boat was to throw the life ring or other flotation device overboard, then drive past the person in the water so they can grab the life ring towed behind the boat.
The bell and life ring artifacts from the sunken S.S.
The man was taken by ambulance to Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital Mr Clarke said: "If there had not been a life ring there when the gardai needed it we would not have been rescuing him, we would have been recovering [his body].
HOLDING ON The man grabs the life ring from the sea and grabs on to it
But car mechanic Nigel and warehouse manager Adam sprang into action, climbing over a barrier to throw a life ring to the woman who was struggling in the water at the foot of a 20ft sea wall.
Flintshire council's countryside service department have told of their concerns about the ongoing vandalism, with a life ring station itself damaged twice and needing repairs - at Greenfield the whole life ring station has been ripped out.
Coast Guard has located a life ring from a cargo ship that lost power and communications during Hurricane Joaquin and is now the subject of an intense search in the southeastern Bahamas, according to AP.
The Reversible Ring is now available for Chinese frames: producers just have to replace the existing ring with the double life ring with a special aluminium adaptor.
While one of the men was brought in with a life ring, the other had lost consciousness as he floated out with the tide, the Daily Star reported.
against Syria could serve like a life ring for Ankara, as Turkish authorities think.
Officer Wenc joined him on the ice and threw the life ring buoy to the Ventos.
Authentic: Madison Young with a Titaniclabelled life ring at Andrew Lound's private Titanic collection.
A passer-by threw the 17-year-old boy a life ring at the notorious danger spot but he was unable to reach it.