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a hypothetical force to which the functions and qualities peculiar to living things are sometimes ascribed

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Life principles within the book are applicable to every situation, circumstance, and individual.
So I have made it a life principle to limit my professional involvement with lawyers to a minimum.
In chapter 6 she lays out seven principles of moral status drawn in part from that survey: (1) The Respect for Life Principle, (2) The Anti-Cruelty Principle, (3) The Agent's Rights Principle, (4) The Human Rights Principle, (5) The Ecological Principle, (6) The Interspecific Principle, and (7) The Transitivity of Respect Principle.
Thus, she represented, in a sense, the female life principle. As her cult expanded she assumed wider functions and became, like Hera, the principal female divinity of the state.
Her investment approach embraces Wealth for Life Principle No.
And on one level, it can seem to be a benign life principle and even intersect with the bottom-line goal of preserving and serving community.
This is because confidence, or Faith, is a life principle. As God cannot fail, these cannot fail." The twelve lessons in science and metaphysics are an invaluable tool for unleashing one's bountiful twin wellsprings of confidence and optimism.
They outline the life principles of happy running (embracing the process, knowing why one runs, engaging with the running community to foster kindness to oneself, and understanding mental health issues), then a five-point training philosophy to make happy runners healthy, strong, and fast: easy running, learning how to run fast before practicing running hard, building strength from speed, being ready for any event, and handling stress.
In addition to this, we are connecting Gandhiji's life principles to the lessons that he adhered to, in the Gita."
She has shared everything else: her guiding life principles, romantic frustrations, her journey with braces and then veneers, the kind of goofy joking around one usually reserves for friends.
He said, 'As you leave the four walls of this University, Ladies and Gentlemen, be guided by these important life principles for which we believe the University has prepared you very well for.
Technology is important but always subservient to these core values and life principles. Keeping these values in mind while observing the changes wrought by time, technology and the wonders of human advancement and progress, would allow the twins to find their way through the maze of future transformation, said the sage.
Some spiritual masters claim that there are pathways to transcend these life principles, but material reality will, in the meantime, have to contend which that which it cannot yet seem to escape on.
The family heritages that influenced and formulated my life principles were conservative both in politics and theology.