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rescue equipment consisting of a buoyant belt or jacket to keep a person from drowning

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Because most Part 91 operators do not have to carry life preservers, those who do so are not required to carry ones that are FAA approved.
Pink/multicolor cross print (blocks) 1 fat quarter * Pink life preserver print (blocks) 1/2 yd.
There were several lessons to be learned by this life-changing experience, but the paramount discovery is that life preservers save lives
As life preservers go, it's not very impressive - just big enough to keep a sinking county's nose above water.
DC PPE ISEA Advisory Notice 13-03, MK-1 Life Preservers Auto Inflators As a result of high fleet demand, and limited availability of the CONAX inflator assemblies, NAVSURFWARCEN Div Panama City SEP 13 (NOTAL) authorizes the use of both the CONAX and chemical pill auto inflators until further notice.
Every day he oversaw the packing of 40-to-50 life preservers and life rafts, and he was CDQAR for many of them.
Residents could not safely approach the water but gathered life preservers and tried to throw them to the people in the water.
Community worker Andy Patton, who knows Dale's family, said: "There are no life preservers along that side of the river at all.
A section of rail track was destroyed in the crash, which scattered paper, clothing, life preservers and engine parts for several hundred yards.
Volunteers searched for bodies, tying life preservers onto them so they could be recovered by the US Coast Guard, said Chris Lloyd of the Bahamas Air Sea Rescue Association.
After changing into wet suits and life preservers in the company's locker room, we met our guide, who launched our kayak into the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary below the Monterey Plaza Hotel.
Do not store life preservers where they can become wet and mildewed.
You can buy life preservers worn round the neck which inflate on contact with water.
ALSE techs, on Page 41 of PS 611 (Oct 03), we said to inspect the life preservers (LPU-10) every 120 days.
At the last minute, however, newcomers Rachel Sage and Gregory Douglass step in and act as life preservers.