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rescue equipment consisting of a buoyant belt or jacket to keep a person from drowning

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The airline vest-style life preserver is what you've seen demonstrated on airliners forever.
What if you were sailing miles from land and did not remember to bring a life preserver with you?
Pink wave print and pink life preserver print-cut from each:
There is no way that I could have pulled my son, who was 5'7" and 160 pounds at the time, 75 yards through the water and onto that Jet Ski had he not been wearing a life preserver.
Until then, they will need every life preserver that can be thrown their way.
One day an LPU-34B/P life preserver returned to the work center from the fleet.
When Bowers got within a foot of the floating man, a rescue helicopter arrived and threw Bowers a life preserver.
But when Mr Dain's boat was found, it was empty - with the unopened life preserver aboard.
Practice drawing a simple life preserver (or copy a jpg of a line drawing and print one) on a piece of paper.
The tests proved that a down jacket such as the one she had on acts as a life preserver in water.
With this comprehensive text, Whitla (English and Humanities, York University) throws a life preserver to literature students (especially beginners).
He's throwing out a life preserver and I'm going to grab it," the bishop said.
They threw a life preserver and ropes to her, but she could not save herself.
Last year Christie's in London sold a similar Titanic life preserver for pounds 60,000.
Carrasco, 31, was not wearing a life preserver, said Capt.