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a cast taken from the face of a living person

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The project used special software and 3-D imaging equipment developed by the Partnership for Research in Spatial Modeling (PRISM) to scan Washington's dentures, spectacles, life mask, a statue and a bust made when he was 53.
Jackie Kay, who teaches creative writing at Newcastle University, has written Life Mask, a collection of poems about how people hide from each other.
Mr Hughes said: ``In deaths of young people where there are acute episodes, often symptoms in life mask or mimic other conditions.
Bobby (De Niro) would come over to the house a lot while Dad was making a life mask of him (for ``Raging Bull''), and he would get down on the floor and play with me,'' Westmore said.
The life mask of John Keats, taken by his friend Benjamin Robert Haydon in December of 1816, when the twenty-year-old poet had only five years to live, reveals a face which even in forced repose seems suffused with sentience.
In the little room in the house on the Piazza di Spagna in Rome where the English romantic poet John Keats died, there are displayed for the public replicas of both his life mask and death mask.
When given a rare opportunity to scan the only Washington life mask in history, worth over $6m, there is no room for error or failure.
Create a life mask under the guidance of artist Beverly Toyu.
He based it on expert advice and a life mask of Nelson produced in Vienna in 1800.
Donoghoe's Life Mask (Virago/Penguin) is perfect Giller fodder.
If you have a weak heart or just a short attention span, keep your distance from Emma Donoghue's intricately woven and luxuriously paced fourth novel, Life Mask, the story of the 12th Earl of Derby's 16-year courtship of the comedic actress Eliza Farren and of Eliza's ambiguous and socially dangerous friendship with the sculptor Anne Damer, rumored to be a sapphist.
While spectators crowded around her booth, Toyu began creating a life mask for Aimee Yogi, a University of Oregon library technician and the celebration's crafts coordinator.
tour, Kiss concert worn costumes appearing in New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art Rock Style exhibit, Gene Simmons' life mask, made by movie special effects great Rick Baker for the "Rock Against Drugs" video (1990), several guitars, drum kits and other instruments and gear used by the band's members on-stage during concerts and in the recording studio, and several handwritten original lyrics as well as lyric and composition books, including Gene Simmons' original, handwritten lyrics to the hit songs "Rock N' Roll All Nite", "Christine Sixteen", and "Calling Doctor Love".
The files ranged from the skeleton of a wooly mammoth and a supernova remnant to two life masks of Abraham Lincoln and a sculpture of the Cosmic Buddha in a robe covered with narrative scenes.
Today, with the huge marble statue of the Lincoln Memorial, the National Portrait Gallery which houses Lincoln's life masks and the museum at Ford's Theatre, the spirit of the great man runs deep in this city.