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a crease on the palm

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Margaret Cundall, who chairs Teesside's Chernobyl Children's Life Line charity, said: "We are grateful to the fire brigade's Prince's Trust.
She also has a circle in her life line, which shows a time in her early 20s when she had a need for change and advice.
* For details on Chernobyl Children's Life Line Middlesbrough Teesside Link call 01642 274944 or visit
In Life Line, they play Katy and Peter, a couple who split up then get back together 15 years later.
For the second year, the Stokesley Rotarians backed the Teesside branch of Chernobyl Children's Life Line to help fund a month-long UK holiday for children from Belarus.
SNP President Winnie Ewing was thrown a life line to the Scottish Parliament last night.
Chernobyl Children Life Line was founded in 1992 to help the children of Belarus.
But help came in the form of The Irish Chernobyl Life Line which heard of Nadia's plight and they set out give her and her family a future.
Announcing his full support to the country wide strike call given by the Value Added Industry here on Monday, he said that Value Added Industry was the life line and backbone of the national economy.
The couples are part of the Teesside Branch of the Chernobyl Children's Life Line, of which Mrs Cundall is chairwoman.
I BOUGHT a book on palmistry and now worry constantly about the breaks in my life line.
However the reduction in FAS will provide no benefit to life line consumers.
Following a successful trip last year, Chernobyl Children's Life Line has made arrangements for another group of children to visit the area.
Middlesbrough Council and drugs support charity Life Line want to put the centre in a former children's day nursery in Oak Street, near the Purple Onion Bistro.
It was their love for people of Gilgit that among various Karakoram Highway was constructed which today is life line of trade between Pakistan and China.