life imprisonment

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a sentence of imprisonment until death

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The court made its verdict against case-256, announcing that the perpetrators be subjected to life imprisonment.
Prosecutor general of Punjab, Ihtesham Qadir, Imran received further life imprisonment and fines totalling 3.
In another case the court of District and Session Judge Hyderabad convicted Bashir Mallah with life imprisonment and fine.
Earlier, in another FIR, the court awarded life imprisonment to Faizan Majeed and Haseem Amir but acquitted them in one of the FIRs giving benefit of doubt.
New Delhi [India], Jan 20 ( ANI ): The Supreme Court has issued a notice to the Madhya Pradesh government and sought a detailed reply from it within four weeks on a plea seeking a fixed jail term in cases of life imprisonment.
The six convicted persons to life imprisonment for the case "Monstrum" are still waiting on the decision by the Criminal Court as to whether they will defend themselves for freedom or not.
New Delhi: Death sentence of 15 Indians, lodged in Kuwaiti jails, have been commuted to life imprisonment by Emir of Kuwait His Highness Sheikh Jaber Al Ahmad Al Sabah, External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj said on Saturday.
Scalise presents readers with a comprehensive investigation of the ethical, moral, and legal issues surrounding life imprisonment as a historical and contemporary punishment and its potential future use in the countries of Europe.
It said the Alaminos City RTC Branch 55 sentenced Mario Mantoyan to life imprisonment and ordered him to pay a fine of P500,000 for selling two plastic sachets containing 'shabu' (methamphetamine hydrochloride) to undercover anti-narcotics agents in 2013.
2332a, which carries a maximum sentence of life imprisonment on each count; one count of bombing and attempting to bomb a place of public use and public transportation system, in violation of 18 U.
An Egyptian military court has sentenced 418 alleged supporters of the banned Muslim Brotherhood, mostly in absentia, to prison terms from two years to life imprisonment for involvement in violence at a police station in 2013.
Life sentence awarded: The court of additional session judge Karak awarded the sentence of life imprisonment to one accused in murder case and also fined him Rs 0.
Ombudsman of Kyrgyzstan Baktybek Amanbayev has proposed to introduce a life imprisonment for convicted of child abuse without the possibility for amnesty.
The criticism came in response to a comment by the Turkish Foreign Ministry on life imprisonment and death sentences handed to leaders and members of the Muslim Brotherhood on Saturday.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- Kenan Evren, the leader of the 1980 military coup who was sentenced to life imprisonment last June, is being treated for Alzheimer's disease at the GE-lhane Military Academy of Medicine (GATA), according to Turkish news outlets.