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the characteristic bodily form of a mature organism

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Life forms that survive in the Antarctic could indicate whether - and how - life might exist in the extreme conditions on Mars or Jupiter's moon Europa.
In my view, whether higher life forms such as the oncomouse ought to be patentable is a matter for Parliament to determine.
And if it had been 1 trillionth of 1 trillionth of 1 trillionth of one percent faster, it would have been too fast to form the galaxies, stars, planets, and life forms.
Scripps Research Institute scientist Gerald Joyce said that frenzies such as the one over alleged arsenic-eating bacteria in 2010 could ultimately lead to lack of interest in the kind of science it would take to discover new life forms, should they exist.
To the new life forms, it is the humans who are the virus - invasive and destructive.
Because DALiWorld is distributed across the computers of all the participants, life forms are free to swim, crawl, or float between all devices with a network connection.
These scientist continually test for and look for carbon-based life forms because all life on Earth is carbon based.
Summary: The actor will play Eddie Brock, a freelance photographer who becomes infected by an alien life form that needs a host in order to survive
Organisms hitching a ride on a spacecraft have the potential to contaminate other celestial bodies, making it difficult for scientists to determine whether a life form existed on another planet or was introduced there by explorers.
The only way to pass is to enter the body of a primitive life form for three days to observe it.
Life Form is a probing exploration of the meaning of friendship and human connection.
The biological spectrum is defined as percentage ratio of life form of plant present in any area.
In 65 short years, the humble transistor evolved into an artificial life form called Watson, a computer system that recognizes natural language and, in 2011, handily defeated two former champions on the TV quiz show Jeopardy.
The rising levels of atmospheric oxygen fostered the development of new bacteria species, and Konhauser says that, following the evolutionary path back to that first oxygen-breathing life form on land, our ancestors started off in a pool of highly acidic water.
Because the JCVI cell is only partly synthetic, and because the resulting cell is merely an artificially produced example of a natural life form, the commission's report can correctly deny that the JCVI has "created life.