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Synonyms for life force

the vital principle or animating force within living beings

Synonyms for life force

(biology) a hypothetical force (not physical or chemical) once thought by Henri Bergson to cause the evolution and development of organisms

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After Bowen therapy had been suggested to her, Allie came to see me with her life force stuck between chakras three and two, affecting her energetic kidney and adrenal landscape, overall energy levels and lower back in general.
Janowski argues that through ancestral food offerings, descending generations feed preceding ones, thus reversing the usual direction of feeding among the living, in which foodstuffs, and, in turn, life force are transmitted from ascending to descending generations.
It has been argued that fatigue is a symptom of an alteration in human life force energy (Paterson, Canam, Joachim, Thorne, 2003).
Eventually she realizes that her instructor in this arcane art has the ulterior motive of stealing the life force from her "creations," which she calls Numena.
This oneness, conceived as a vital aspect or life force, permeates and infuses all that exists in the Creation.
For example, the in-depth explanation for the line "When storing up both Congenital Nature and Life Force" has the explanation "The cultivation of Congenital Nature and Life-Force is a general rule recognized in Tao-pursuing circles.
With the aid of the goddess' many cat disciples, and the friendship of an Egyptian boy, Maggie must uncover a terrible evil secret within Egypt, one that could sap its very life force. All the Cats of Cairo comes alive with its vibrant setting and its harmonious blend of twenty-first century modernity and mystic wonder.
And when performed repeatedly, what was once a life force taken for granted will be a life force to replenish any moment.
Larry Crolla points out, "E-mail is only a tool; it is not a life force. So use it as you would any tool when you need to get a particular job done.
The chakras, (a Sanskrit term for "wheel") are centers along our body that receive, assimilate and transmit life force energy.
But it's a life force. It's an energy that comes from the children that nothing else can replace."
The wellspring, tucked beneath the Great Plains, and holding enough water to fill Lake Erie nine times over, has been the life force of American agriculture since irrigation took hold in the 1950s.
After we shared town gossip--a life force for both of us--we talked about his work, my shows.