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Synonyms for life force

the vital principle or animating force within living beings

Synonyms for life force

(biology) a hypothetical force (not physical or chemical) once thought by Henri Bergson to cause the evolution and development of organisms

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Do we feed our life force (Qi) in the same manner that we feed our body?
Inasmuch as African cosmology and ontology, and the existence and functioning of the life force structure command deep structural configurations at the local level, the traditional society similarly acquires the generalized characterization of being deeply religious.
These three young people share Cosmo's gift of being able to see the Parasites, beings who seem to suck the life force out of people who are dying.
What really sets it apart, though, is its focus on reiki (pronounced ray-key), based on the theory of Universal Life Force Energy--the healer "massages" you by not actually touching you, but by sending energy to areas of your body.
Reiki is an ancient practice of acknowledging and working with the universal life force to promote physical healing and spiritual exploration.
CUPPING is credited with boosting energy levels by helping vital life force flow through the body.
Shaw's interest in Ibsen is linked to his passionate hatred of Darwin and his defense of creative evolution, or the life force.
Breath" serves as a metaphor for energy, vitality, for what we might call the life force or even life itself.
The movements of the water, perhaps corresponding in some way to the vibrations of the speech that we hear, cause the set to drip away and disperse, like the structure of lies the narrator's lover had built up, or the dissolving life force of the speaker herself.
They nurture the life force of the organization--its strategic communication.
The great urban environments of the world are formed by a critical mass of diversity, a life force in the continuous encounter with the stranger, a speed of movement for the urban dweller that makes all time like any other time.
Dhruva Mistry intended the large female figure he sculpted to sit in the upper pool of the Victoria Square water feature to represent the life force.
Little Nicky would rather sit in his room listening to his beloved heavy metal than vie with his brothers (Rhys Ifans and Tiny Lister) for control of Dad's throne, but when their scheming takes them up to Earth and stops new souls getting through the gates to Hell, draining Satan's life force, it's up to naive Nicky to trick them back home before Old Nick fades away completely.
Find out how to sense the flow of chi - the universal life force - in and around your garden.
Molly Parker is virtually luminescent in the role of Sandra Larson, an apprentice undertaker and necrophile whose own life force is seemingly drawn from the energy cast off by the lovers she's inexorably drawn to.