life expectancy

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an expected time to live as calculated on the basis of statistical probabilities

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Researchers have used the figures to estimate life expectancy from birth, and to work out how much longer 65-yearolds can expect to live in different parts of the country.
That means they have the 31st highest life expectancy in the world.
Owing to improvements in Korean's congenital blood pressure than populations in Western countries, as well as in health care systems, medical technology and dietary habits, life expectancy has increased, and the may likely to become the first to have a life expectancy will exceed 90 years by 2030.
Neighbouring West Dunbartonshire had the lowest life expectancy for females at 78.
Researchers also found a stronger association between poverty and life expectancy within Appalachia, compared with the rest of the country.
Healthy life expectancy represents how many years an individual can be expected to live in good health, based on current rates.
For periods before 2014, the analysts give average life expectancy figures for three-year data periods around years ending in '0.
The different mortality by woman and men, as well as in the country or in the city, define the different life expectancy by these categories of the community, announced from the National Statistical Institute (NSI).
Summit County, Colorado, had the highest life expectancy in the U.
A girl born in the West Midlands is expected to have a life expectancy, on average, of 82.
For newborn baby girls, life expectancy was highest in Chiltern, Buckinghamshire, (86.
In addition, life expectancy in NI remained lower than in other regions of the UK and in RoI.
The highest life expectancy in Turkey was found in the northern Black Sea province of Giresun, with an average of 78.
ISLAMABAD -- The World Health Organization (WHO) on Thursday said the global life expectancy witnesses "large" gain for children born in 2012 than that born in 1990.
According to a report released by the World Health Organization , Israeli men now have the fourth longest life expectancy in the world.