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(law) an estate whose duration is limited to the life of the person holding it

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Thus, the widow acquires a life estate and functions as a life tenant with the children becoming the remaindermen.
The above valuation method of the transferee spouse's life estate in trust income is subject to three exceptions: common accidents (i.
24) This note concludes that the South Dakota Supreme Court should have reversed the trial court's decision and permitted the admission of evidence to clarify whether the will gave the testator's widow an estate in fee simple or only a life estate.
Note that property subject to a retained life estate will qualify for the IRC section 1014 basis step-up.
We have the option to offer a life estate or short-term estate to the right person or family to oversee the property.
8) The Court of Appeals held that because only the tenant had the right to terminate, the landlord in effect gave the tenant a determinable life estate.
2503-3(b) further adds that a present interest is "an unrestricted right to the immediate use, possession, or enjoyment of property or the income from property (such as a life estate or term certain).
Furthermore, if the child does not pay full value, the property transferred for the private annuity could be included in the parent's estate as a gift with a retained life estate.
Dean Harding of Good Life Estate Agents Ltd in Sunderland said: "Potential purchasers feel that the integrity of an area will not change and that any development works completed will be sympathetic to the surroundings.
Sometimes outright ownership can be split into a life estate and a remainder.
The Act redefines the term "asset" to include "the purchase of a life estate interest in another individual's home unless the purchaser resides in the home for a period of at least one year after the date of the purchase.
19) The gift of a remainder interest in a personal residence usually follows the expiration of a life estate.
One can, for example, deed one's farm or home to a charity while retaining a life estate in that property and getting an income tax deduction for the actuarial value of the charity's remainder interest.
Once the details are worked out, the state and county will sign a purchase agreement banning clear-cuts and dune buggies on the property and granting a life estate to John Warwick, the man who lost much of the 80 acres in foreclosure.