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(law) an estate whose duration is limited to the life of the person holding it

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Assuming that both gifts are deemed completed, we calculate the value of the life estate, and the remainder interest by using valuation tables and the current interest rate for the month in which the valuation date occurs.[Tax Facts Question 536; Fehrs v.
Le Caerg life estate rather than $495,000, the entire value of the property The court agreed with the IRS, since Treas.
9414, there was limited guidance available for calculating the portion of a grantor trust, with a retained life estate, that must be included in a decedent's estate.
The terminable interest rule provides that a property interest passing to the surviving spouse will not qualify for the marital deduction if it is only a life estate or other terminable interest and (1) an interest in the property passes or has passed to someone other than the spouse, or the spouse's estate, and (2) such other person may possess or enjoy the property after the spouse's interest ends.
Penn Mutual Life Estate Protection For Life Full Death Benefit Guarantee; Large Assortment of Riders
Second, and just as important, although a significant change in surrounding land use patterns had occurred and the carrying and maintenance costs had grown more burdensome since the granting of the life estate in Brokaw, still for Friedman, as for the court, the Brokaw mansion remained much more suitable to its surroundings than was the case in Melms.
The Texas Electric Company stock would be includable in Carolyn's estate, since she has retained a life estate.
1.121-4(e)(1), if a taxpayer sells a life estate first, then the remainder second, they both are eligible for the Sec.
A husband creates a trust giving a life estate to his wife and specifies that at her death the principle will be distributed to his daughter.
(13) The Save Our Homes Cap should also remain when the transfer is to correct an error in a prior deed, or the owner retains a life estate, giving only a remainder interest to the new owner (traditional life estates or Ladybird Deeds).
Contract award: providing electronic banking services for the use of the right to benefits for student life estate.
Ownership may opt for any combination of residential living on the site, among them: independent residential condominiums; independent residential rentals; assisted living rentals (with or without dementia and Alzheimer's); extended slay rentals; continuum of car; life estate; and/or cooperative.
A present interest is "an unrestricted right to the immediate use, possession, or enjoyment of property or the income from property (such as a life estate or term certain)." A gift is not a present interest gift if it is subject to a third party's discretion.
Planned giving techniques and vehicles topics include bargain sales, life estate agreements, and charitable gift annuities.
Here's the abuse they saw: Wealthy families were going to estate planners who created a life estate in their assets for their kids, followed by a life estate in the assets for their grandkids, followed by a life estate in the assets for their great-grandkids and so on.