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a series of stages through which an organism passes between recurrences of a primary stage

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the course of developmental changes in an organism from fertilized zygote to maturity when another zygote can be produced

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Life cycle assessment has a commonly accepted standard method published by the International Organization for Standardization.
Since 2009, the interdisciplinary Life Cycle Management team, which comprises scientists and engineers, has performed more than 100 life cycle analyses of products, processes and entire sites.
PMs shall consider supportability, life cycle costs, performance, and schedule comparable in making program decisions [emphasis added].
The toolkit will enable high quality life cycle assessment (LCA) studies to be conducted for buildings, assemblies, products and materials and support LCA-based design tools and the development of life cycle based eco-labels and environmental product declarations.
Life cycle management itself is not a new concept, as the Air Force Logistics Command (now Materiel Command) history office so eloquently stated nearly 30 years ago:
Regardless of how we analyze a life cycle, its individual phases, under recession conditions we have a classic "gravity" pressure on a life cycle curve, a pressure downwards.
Life cycle thinking is a holistic view: Design options should not have a reduced impact at one life-cycle stage at the expense of increasing the impact on the complete life cycle.
Optimizing pumping system design and saving on the total life cycle cost of a pumping system requires more than merely minimizing waste, maximizing efficiency, cutting energy costs or trimming maintenance expenses.
In many cases, this approach is perceived to be easier than managing the data throughout its life cycle.
The guide provides assistance with the selection, implementation, and management of IT security services by guiding organizations through the various phases of the IT security services life cycle.
Or the timing of major events in the life cycle of the species-migration, flowering, or egg laying, for example--can accelerate or lag.
An estimated 10 percent of IHEs now utilize some form of life cycle planning for capital renewal.
The FMS LPIT works together at conferences and in separate meetings to create and enhance logistics processes that improve life cycle support for Naval Aviation FMS weapon system programs.
To address environmental issues proactively, all stages of the product life cycle should be considered during material selection.