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an art class using a live human model

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Triangle Chevrolet Buick, a Florida-based auto dealer, has collaborated with the Walton County Sheriff's Office to launch its Teen Life Class to teach life skills not taught in the classroom, including changing a flat tyre.
The iconoclastic First World War combatant Billy Prior in the trilogy transforms into the 101-year-old veteran Geordie in Another World, then changes into the war reporter Stephen in Double Vision and finally evolves into Paul in Life Class.
These are beautiful images, in a richly detailed book where every page is a total joy and all from the man who also worked as a lecturer and taught Rodin drawing skills when that genius was in his twenties and studying the nude in the life class at Ecole Imperiale de Dessin in Paris (which non-fee paying institution was a step down from the more prestigious Ecole des Beaux-Arts).
These classes may be called things like "Real Life Class," "Downtown Hound, or "K9 Ice Cream Social," but what they all have in common are lessons to teach your dog to navigate scary sewer grates and manhole covers, and how to relax and be polite when joggers, skateboards, delivery trucks, and parents with baby strollers go past.
Members of the prison parole Board attributed their decision to parole one inmate in part to his participation in the Green Life class, Sevin says.
Toby's Room is a both a prequel and a sequel to her novel Life Class (*** Mar/Apr 2008).
99) THIS intriguing novel reintroduces the reader to art students Elinor Brook, Kit Neville and Paul Tarrant - the three central characters in Pat Barker's 2007 novel, Life Class.
Alan Munton looks at the Slade School of Art's contribution to English modernism, which he finds to be woefully underestimated in Pat Barker's 2007 novel Life Class.
His topics include caging or community in her working class novels, heroic masculinity and the enemy within in the Regeneration trilogy, composite identity and traumatic memory in Border Crossing, and representing self and other in Life Class.
Christabel Drewry (1913-2000)--whose middle name was, by coincidence, Jane--was a photographic model and beauty queen who had been spotted by Pert when he returned to visit his successor at Birmingham Central School of Art and saw her posing for Life Class students.
The dear old Royal Academy has been the source of much amusement lately: president retiring early fed up with constant sniping from the back of the life class, one keeper running a separate account.
Earlier, the Helen Keohane-ridden Life Class produced a fine display to take the featured EUR25,000 fillies' handicap.
Or, if you feel brave enough, tell him you'll do a life class for him in private.
On display are people, who sit or stand, totally naked, in a variety of poses - like disciplined models in a life class.