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a life preserver in the form of a ring of buoyant material

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The carpenter's complaint that "Some superstitious old carpenters, now, would be tied up in the rigging, ere they would do the job [of making life buoys out of coffins]" is a veiled hint at the crucifixion of Christ (526).
IN what looks like a hot race for the Silver Doctor Novices' Hurdle at Ascot, Celtic Cone (B R Davies) scores easily first time out from Indianapolis (D Mould) and treble-seeking favourite Life Buoy (B W Davies) who is in soapy bubble a long way out.
Nor is it the safest place (we have hung up a life buoy purchased at bargain rates form the Soil and Water Conservation Service).
Despite the man screaming he did not want a life buoy an off-duty guard from New Ross in Co Wexford threw one in.
The quick-thinking dad-of-three grabbed a life buoy and threw it in the water and managed to rescue the stranded man on Sunday.
Many people gathered along the sea wall watching the two boats' efforts to rescue the hovercraft, which drifted on to rocks after the rope from a life buoy became entangled in its propeller.
I lost five years of my life, said a friend, when I, zooming on a life buoy, bumped him the first time I went down the long slide.
Front man Joe Lean epitomises their music, a hopefully swaggering mix of lots that has gone before, but when confronted with a clearly unimpressed crowd he wasn't able to lift them, until singles Lucio Starts Fires and Life Buoy.
Life Buoy rings: 75% of the submarines surveyed needed to replace their life buoy rings due to aging, poor material condition and incorrect stenciling.
The three, including the captain, had spent four hours clinging to a life buoy.
Tenders are invited for Purchase Of Different Types Of Equipment :Life Jacket (Standard), Life Jacket (Working), Life Buoy (Ring),Three Stand 14 Mm Pp Rope For Mooring (35 Meters), Inflatable Rubber Boats (10 Men) & Accessories,Outboard Motor (2 Stroke) With Accessories,Air Pressure Provider, Repairing Kit For Boat, Repair Kit For Obm Etc.
Recalling the moment the life-anddeath situation unfolded, Dylan said: "Clodagh saw a girl fall into the quay and tried to reach her with a life buoy, but she couldn't so she came running back to the bar I was working in.
Among the many Lusitania items are a cork and canvas life buoy, deck, cushions from the first class music room and a model of the liner made by a former crew member.
It happened that I was right by the life buoy and I jumped in.
If you see a life buoy is missing don't hesitate to tell British Waterways.