life belt

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Synonyms for life belt

belt attaching you to some object as a restraint in order to prevent you from getting hurt

a life preserver in the form of a ring of buoyant material

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In seconds, sleepy children were struggling into coats and life belts and lining up in the hallway.
He persuaded her to put an arm through the life belt and swam back to shore with her.
Seven associations occur within the Desert Plains life belt of the park.
SAFETY is being put at risk by teenage vandals stealing life belts fromthe banks of the Tyne.
It haunts me that if there had been a life belt on that bridge, somewhere where his friends could have reached it, then maybe Joby might be alive today.
A life belt was thrown to him, but all efforts to rescue the poor fellow were to no avail.
We were setting up some equipment and a boat to go out and get her when she started to move back to shore, we threw her a life belt on a line and pulled her in.
Bryan, 46, from Huyton said: 'I tried to swim for a life belt that Cliff had thrown but couldn't reach it because we were being battered around.
If their timing was spot on, think of potential headaches around the corner for recent buyers -who may have little equity in their property to provide a life belt if things get stormy.
This enticing green strip of land is an all too fragile life belt keeping Meriden afloat as a village in its own right.
Yesterday morning, as more tributes were laid at the riverside by Tonibeth and Chloe's distraught family and friends, police retrieved a life belt discarded at the scene of the accident and returned it to Christine.
The unnamed man, 60, had thrown his son, 27, a life belt but was swept away as he pulled him in.
Shirley, 62, who has helped save people on holiday before, said: 'It was obvious she couldn't swim very far, so I swam back to the boat to get the life belt and we made our way to the woman.
Miss Birch, 18, from Manchester, then ran to one of the life belt holders but could not get it off the board.
Bemused holidaymakers looked on while Mark, from Birmingham, was flung a life belt and finally dragged out of the drink by the local harbour master.