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an elected official serving as deputy to the governor of a state of the United States

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Under the Canadian constitution, he will serve as Lieutenant Governor for a minimum of five years.
Lieutenant Governor Calley added: "We have a great opportunity during our visit to further advance and collaborate in the aerospace sector, technologies in manufacturing and much more.
He has been an exceptional lieutenant governor and in leading education efforts for Colorado.
The current lieutenant governor, Brad Owen, however, has held the post since 1996 and hasn't yet decided whether to retire or run for re-election.
Lieutenant Governor Mead Treadwell asked the Department of Law to ensure that DesJarlais's application complied with Alaska's initiative process as laid out by statute.
Bhushan, who is also a senior leader of AAP, was forced to change his tone and said: "We have no problem with the Lieutenant Governor consulting all parties but it should be done in a time-bound manner.
Other than being the second-in-line should the governor die, there aren't many constitutional duties, and some states a including New Hampshire and Maine a don't even have a lieutenant governor.
She then became District 9's Lieutenant Governor Marketing.
30) Additionally, given the seeming unimportance of appointing a replacement lieutenant-governor and the potential political ramifications of doing so, it is entirely possible that future governors when faced with a vacancy may delay appointment until after a crisis has begun and the need to have a replacement lieutenant governor in place has already arisen.
While Delhi seethed, Lieutenant Governor Tejinder Khanna was away vacationing in the United States.
In a ceremony at Government House on 17 May, Lieutenant Governor Philip S.
Lieutenant Governor, Richard Ravitch, together with Jerome Belson, president of the Associated Builders and Owners of Greater New York (ABO), kicked off the highly successful BuildingsNY/GreenBuildingsNY 2010, the largest annual real estate trade show on the East Coast.
The new team for District 79 are lieutenant governor for education and training Khalid Al Quod and lieutenant governor for marketing Alex Jose Ginete.
Candidates for governor and lieutenant governor run entirely separate campaigns, and often as not, voters elect people of different parties and different political beliefs.
This unique program has inspired students to focus on their studies, keep up attendance, explore cultural traditions and become involved in their communities," stated Lieutenant Governor Gordon Barnhart, who was joined by First Nations and Metis Relations Minister Bill Hutchinson at the ceremony.