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an elected official serving as deputy to the governor of a state of the United States

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Application of Section 43 to the Office of Lieutenant Governor Is Not Inconsistent with Article XIII, Section 3.
Chief among the vice-regal constitutional duties--indeed, one could accurately call it the first and most important responsibility of any Lieutenant Governor or the Governor General--is to ensure that the Queen's government continues to function.
The contract for the Lieutenant Governor's residence was awarded to Williams and Bowles, and work began in early September 1882.
Mirasty was born and raised in La Ronge and is a member of the Lac La Ronge Indian Band who speaks Cree fluently, and will be Saskatchewans first Indigenous Lieutenant Governor. He joined the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in 1976 and served in a variety of roles across Canada until his retirement in 2013.
Lieutenant Governor Guadagno has been a Monmouth County resident for almost 30 years.
Lieutenant Governor H Morales addresses RNs in Senate Finance committee room
While supportive in concept of a lieutenant governor, not everyone backs Mesnard's vision for the office.
Did lawmakers really intend for the office of lieutenant governor to remain vacant until the next election?
This crushing defeat, the AAP alleges, made the BJP leadership vindictive and the party used the lieutenant governor's office to create hurdles for the elected government.
It was reported that no time frame had been given to the Arvind Kejriwal- led party but the allotment has been cancelled by the Lieutenant Governor. The panel, in its report, had said that the decision to allot land to the AAP to build a party office should be considered " null and void." Before stepping down as Lieutenant Governor, Jung had predicted that Kejriwal could face " criminal charges" over the irregularities.
Lieutenant Governor Henry McMaster (R) assumed the governorship when Haley resigned, and next in line of succession was the Senate president pro tern.
Brian Calley, lieutenant governor of the State of Michigan, led the Michigan delegation of state and business leaders on a UK and Ireland trade mission.
Proposition 3 did not apply to the governor or the lieutenant governor. The state constitution requires the governor to live in Austin; it does not require the lieutenant governor to do so.
DENVER (AP) -- Colorado's lieutenant governor is leaving his post to run a higher education commission in the West.
Washington State Senator Cyrus Habib has announced his candidacy for the post of Washington State lieutenant governor.