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Synonyms for lienal

of or relating to the spleen

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E curta, de grande calibre e apresenta tres ramos com mesma origem: a arteria hepatica, a arteria gastrica esquerda e a arteria lienal e, da mesma forma, EVAN S & DE LAHUNTA (1994) a descreveram no cao.
localization of tumour in large intestine; AC, ascending colon; C, cecum; LF, lienal flexure; RS, rectosigmoideum; R, rectum; S, sigmoideum; DC, descending colon; TC, transverse colon; 0, absence of labelling; 1, up to 1 per cent of tumour cells positive; 2, 1-10 per cent of tumour cells positive; 3, 10-50 per cent of tumour cells positive; * , cases, where both G 1 and G2 components were present
La arteria lienal se originaba de un tronco y emitia, frecuentemente, dos ramas principales.
The lienal artery emerged in one way form emitting more frequently 2 main branches.