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the right to take another's property if an obligation is not discharged

a large dark-red oval organ on the left side of the body between the stomach and the diaphragm

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What are Secondary Market Tax Liens: Liens that were purchased at the tax sale by an investor that are now being sold, or "assigned" to another investor.
In addition to earning a higher return than the first lien lender for its higher risk, the second lien lender also has the advantage over the typical mezzanine lender of being secured.
Specifically, the lien attaches to the real property upon which the contractor has provided labor, services, materials or equipment.
What the Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority is trying to say is that no matter what the claim of lienholder, this property was intended to be and demonstrated in the public record through the development agreement and other understanding prior to the time the lien was recorded to be lien-free open space,'' Speiser said.
First Hallmark Mortgage Corporation has created a program to help homeowners pay off municipal tax liens through mortgage refinancing, announced Bruno Viscariello, president of First Hallmark.
Fourth, because of the potential adverse consequences to a nonliable spouse, the use of lien foreclosure for TE property subject to a Federal tax lien will be determined on a case-by-case basis.
Under common law, someone making improvements to land doesn't have possession of it and so can have no possessory lien on the land and cannot require it to be sold to recover the costs of making the improvements.
Since tax liens are usually a relatively small percentage of the value of the property (5 to 20 percent), property owners or banks holding the mortgage will generally want to extinguish the tax lien rather than risk foreclosure on the property.
After the government denied her claim, she filed a refund suit in federal district court, claiming the lien was invalid because she had taken the property without knowledge or notice of the lien.
Rather, regulations under section 461(h)(2)(D) could properly provide that economic performance occurs at the time the tax lien attaches or the tax is assessed.
Advancing a Construction Lien Act (CLA) lien claim in Ontario, Canada, is a two-step process.
The relative rights of lending institutions, sureties, owners/developers and lien law trust fund beneficiaries (subcontractors and suppliers) is of critical importance when jobs go bad.
6330 and 6320 were enacted by Congress in 1998 to provide due-process protections for IRS lien and levy actions.