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Synonyms for liegeman

a person holding a fief

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It is as if Philip's solemn vow to be the Queen's unstinting liegeman, made at the Coronation six decades ago, remains with him to this day as central to his ethos.
(19) Later on, in the feudal system, the primary elements of the relation between the State and its citizens emerged, as feudalism 'embodied the notion of the territoriality of rights with the personal relation between lord and liegeman now known under modern transformations as sovereignty'.
"That's right," says his liegeman."We give it ter the Roy Castle!
Count Heinrich of Schwerin, while kidnapping the king and his oldest son in 1223, acted according to Huitfeldt simply as a deceived husband and betrayed liegeman, entitled to have his revenge.
Our attempt to provide reliable information for the UN Security Council had been choked off midstream by Moscow's ideological liegeman in Delhi.