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Synonyms for liegeman

a person holding a fief

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Count Heinrich of Schwerin, while kidnapping the king and his oldest son in 1223, acted according to Huitfeldt simply as a deceived husband and betrayed liegeman, entitled to have his revenge.
Kriemhild the ironically turns the insult around and calls Brunhild the 'mistress of a liegeman,' of her husband Siegfried who had to subdue her in order for Gunther to take her virginity.
58) Thus, whatever the church's view of the status of its autonomy, the operative principle remained: "L'eveque, homme du roi" (the bishop, liegeman of the king).
Standing between owner and trainer, it is clear from the tone of their conversation that Nicholls is no cap-doffing liegeman.
Bush's first day on the campaign trail with the liegeman who had become his favorite (and was now his official) sidekick.