liege lord

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Synonyms for liege lord

a feudal lord entitled to allegiance and service

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This had been as strongly opposed by her liege lord, who had compelled her to embark.
My lady, when our liege lord, the king, at three score years, and my Lord Chandos at three-score and ten, are blithe and ready to lay lance in rest for England's cause, it would ill be-seem me to prate of service done.
Hardly had the Cadbury bunny emitted her agonized death rattle when the DRIP Batphone trilled to signify a communication from my liege Lord Mandacity.
Obedience to the Church and your liege lord was mandatory, even if it went against your personal ethics.
For some, Lancelot, the hero of Chretien de Troy's Chevalier de la Charrete, is a noble lover, a fin amant performing deeds of valor inspired by his amour courtois, (1) but for many other readers, including some of the earliest, Lancelot is an adulterer and a traitor, who is violating his bond to his liege lord.
And should anyone speak to the contrary of that which is written above, that we are, or have ever been, disloyal to my liege lord, or in any other way to my liege lord, whatever it should be, outside my liegance, if he should be so a high a lord of such estate to whom we owe reverence by law, we say, saving our reverence, he does not know nor see correctly with regard to us, for he says other than what he sees .